Metallurgy Department

The history of the Department begins in 1981 when two departments were established at Pavlodar Industrial Institute: the Department of Foundry Machines and Technology and the Department of Machines and Technology of Pressure Metal Treatment.

After several reorganizations, the Department of Metallurgy was established on September 1, 2001 (Rector's order No. 1-05/259 dated August 29, 2001). The Department offers the following Bachelor's degree programs:

- Metallurgy;

- Technological Machines and Equipment.

The following Master's degree programs have been available since the 2003-2004 academic year:

- Metallurgy;

- Technological Machines and Equipment.

From 2018-2019 academic year received a license to prepare doctors PhD in metallurgy



Head of the Department

Head of the Department is Merkhat Madeniyevich Suyundikov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, PSU Professor, IIA Full Member.

The staff of the Department consists of 25 people, including:

Three Candidates of Engineering Sciences, Professors (Nikitin G.M., Kuznetsov A.I., Kaliakparov A.G .);

Four Candidates of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professors (Suyundikov M.M., Abdrakhmanov E.S .; Bogomolov A.V., Zhunusov A.K.);

Four Ph.D.s, Associate Professors (Taskarina A.Zh., Tolymbekova L.B., Mazdubay A.V., Zhakupov A.N.);

Master’s degree major teachers (Tusupbekova M.Zh., Absolyamova D.R., Deigraf I.E., Shoshay J., Aubakirov A.M., Abishev A.A; Bakirov A.G., Kamarov A.U .; Oshanova T.N., Zhunusova A.K., Akishev K.M.);   

Master, Senior Lecturer, Chief of the Laboratories (N.K. Kulumbayev);

Teachers (assistants) with master degree (Kuandykov A.B., Tyulyubaev R.A.);

Departmental assistants: Abisheva Zh.B., Rustambaev M.D., Bolatova K.T.


Location of the Department: Pavlodar, st. Ak. Chokina, 139, Building B, Faculty of Metallurgy, Engineering and Transport, aud. B-224 and B-230 tel. 67-36-23 (ext. 1217)



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