The director of the museum complex Rakhimzhanova Gulnar Hismatovna.









The Museum complex of Pavlodar state university of S.Torajgyrova is one of the youngest museums in the Pavlodar area. Despite the young age, it is a part of historical memory, the keeper of an invaluable cultural heritage.

The structure of the museum complex includes 10 museums:

1. The museum of science history of Pavlodar area;

2. The museum of the Kazakh ethnography;

3. The museum of history of technics;

4. The geological museum;

5. The archaeological museum of A.Margulan;

6. The museum of PSU history;

7. The museum devoted to creativity of the consort “Dos-mukasan”.

8. A museum of a mineral and rough base of Kazakhstan;

The museum of science history of Pavlodar area was the first of these museums, it was opened in September 2001.

Expositions of the museum of science history of Pavlodar area introduce well-known scientists of Pavlodar area. The map of Pavlodar area with the route of ways of research of our land put to it by the well-known scientists of different years opens the exposition. Valuable exhibits of the museum are personal things and manuscripts of K.I.Satpaev, S.Shokin, E.Bekmahanov, A.Sagynov, A.Bekturov, S.Bejsembaev.


In April, 2002 museums of history of technics and the Kazakh ethnography museum were opened.

In the museum of history of technics the history of development of radio -, photo -, video -, the electrohousehold and computer technics, and also models of domestic mechanical engineering are visually presented.

The ethnographic museum represents to visitors a variety of products of the Kazakh national applied art. These are XVIII-XIX-th century jewels, ornament embroidered carpets from felt, house utensils, the national clothes, a full collection of the Kazakh national musical instruments made in a workshop of the university by the honoured worker of culture, the talented master of musical instruments N. Adylbekov.


There is a breadboard model of the Kazakh “yurta” with national furniture in an applied art exposition, the “ynyrshak” (the pack device for camels) is established, “ashamay” (a children's saddle), made by craftsman Adilbekov N. The collection of felt products in ethnographic museum has replenished with “tekemet”, a national felt floor carpet. 

The geology museum was opened in November, 2002. The museum exposition is made of three sections. In the first section the collection of minerals collected by academician K.I.Satpaev which is transferred to the museum as a gift by the daughter of the scientist - the doctor of geological sciences of Meiz Kanyshevna Satpaeva has been presented.

In other sections rocks and minerals from different corners of Kazakhstan are presented. The geological map of the Republic of Kazakhstan which colourfully shows invaluable riches of bowels of our state is of great interest.

In December, 2002 the archaeological museum which bears the name of Alkey Hakanovich Margulan, the known scientist, the academician, the archeologist, the ethnographer, the philologist has been opened.

Expositions of the archaeological museum reflect the basic directions of researches, the archeological excavations made by the archaeological research centre of A.H.Margulan of our university. Here the most ancient exhibits – stone tools of an epoch of a paleolith are presented: the manual cut, knifes, axes. In epoch section of eolith and bronze samples of ceramics, bronze, gold and stone products are presented. There are interesting samples of the Cultures of gunno-Sarmatian, kimak time, a collection of funeral stock, the rests of the weapon, zone and bridle sets of an epoch of the Middle Ages. The museum exposition is constructed on the rich actual material received as a result of long-term archaeological researches, visually reflecting consecutive development of material culture in the territory of Pavlodar area since the most ancient times to the historical present. The museum exposition is constantly supplemented with the new exhibits received during field researches of the archaeological centre and educational practice of students.

The museum of history of PSU was opened in May, 18th, 2005. In museum expositions materials on history of the university are presented from the moment of its foundation (1960) . These are photographic materials, documents, student's cards, test books, degree projects of the first graduates, the materials telling about development of high school up to now.


Opening of the museum of "Dos-mukasan" devoted to creativity of the consort took place in September, 28th, 2008, and was dated to annual III republican festival «Dos Star» (the Song of consort "Dos-Mukasan"). In the expositions more than 600 photographic materials, posters reflecting creative process of ensemble, personal things, musical instruments, concert suits are presented.

By the 110th  anniversary of academic K. Satpaev there was open the museum of mineral- raw source of Kazakhstan where the raw materials samples founded in different regions of Kazakhstan were introduced. At exposition the samples of raw materials of leading components of Kazakhstan were shown. These all let the young generation be introduced to the variety of natural-raw potential of our republic.


In the halls of the museum complex of PSU of S.Torajgyrov educational excursions, lectures and interesting meetings for students of ours and other high schools, pupils of lycées and city colleges are constantly led. Even more often schoolboys and visitors from rural regions, Ekibastuz and Aksu become our visitors. Quite often visitors of a museum complex are foreign delegations, visitors from near and far abroad.

Now the plan is developed and construction of an exposition of two more museums – a museum of the invertebrates and a museum of a raw-material base of Kazakhstan is conducted. In the collection of the future museum of the invertebrates there are already more than a thousand of rare butterflies and other insects. For the exposition of the museum of a raw-material base, are collected more than a hundred of samples of ores, minerals, chemical raw materials, etc.

Our museum complex is a place of carrying out of lessons of museum practice of students of the faculty of history and law, a place of fastening of theoretical knowledge of students of natural-scientific disciplines, and also this is a place of carrying out of results of archaeological expeditions of Pavlodar state university of S.Torajgyrov.


Personnel of museum complex:

Asayeva Bulbul Zikenovna, specialist of higher qualification of museum complex, tour guide


Contact data:

Pavlodar city, Lomov Street, 64

Main building, office 25

Tel. 8-7182-673684 (inner 1146)