Head of Student’s house Emir Sholamanovich Makeyev.


Student’s House

The dormitory of Pavlodar State University named after S.Toraighyrov was opened in 1974. In 2001 the dormitory was renamed to Students' House.

It consists of 5 floors, 162 rooms, divided into 3 parts. At present Student’s House have 380 cots. Students-orphans and students, left without parents support, do not pay for habitation at Student’s House.

There is a assembly hall on 120 places for organization students’ leisure time for that were bought musical centr4es with karaoke, projection TV with 114 cm, connected cable television, there are also video and media rooms, which are regularly filled up, compute classes, training and tennis halls, sport inventory.



There was organized Student Council in Student’s House, which publishes the  wall newspaper «Students life» under the supervision of Zhumatayeva U., organize holiday parties, disco, chess tournaments. There regularly are conducted meetings (round tables) of the most active members of Student’s House with university administration on discussion and solving problems of habitation.

On the territory of Student’s House are built summer sport areas, street ball. There was arranged horizontal bar, Swedish wall, bars. There is a academic class for resident students, annually there is arranged a subscription for newspapers and magazines to the sum of 100 thous. tenge at the expense of university. There is a laundry with 5 washing-machines “Indesit”. There are comfortable shower cubicles, two kitchens with 9 electric ovens. Also resident students of Student’s House can eat in Student’s club. There are wash-bowls, sanitary arrangements, necessary furniture: beds, book shelves, bedside tables, tables, chairs. Annually there is organized a current repair of corridors, stairs and doghouses at the expenses of university. Student’s House is under round-the-clock guarding. There was set mounting and tracking camera inside and adjacent territory.

The Dormitory of PSU named after S. Toraigyrov is quite comfortable. The living conditions there are currently improving. Ever since the new rector (S.M. Omirbayev) was appointed, the administration of the University has been making every effort to ensure normal conditions for living and studying in the Student's House.

Major capital works were carried out this summer:

  • replacement of old windows with new plastic ones;
  • replacement of sanitary earthenware (sink, toilet);
  • installation of new doors;
  • replacement of water pipes (hot and cold water)
  • installation of fire alarm in every room;
  • replacement of the sewage;
  • replacement of the bowler and batteries;
  • improvement of the electricity system (lights, sockets);
  • replacement of the roof.

It should be noted that great attention is paid to ensuring high level of security at the Student's House. Access control system is used in the dormitory. The University spends a lot of money on security of the students. For example, the electronic access control system has been recently installed at the reception desk of the Student's House. The Dormitory is equipped with a fire alarm system with a signal coming to the control panel located in the Student's House. An automated voice alert system was installed. There are 29 security cameras on the territory of the Student's House which allows conducting around the clock monitoring. In all living rooms and common areas of the Student's House, a modern automatic fire alarm system was installed. The dormitory is equipped with health kits. The residents and staff of the Student's House have regular trainings on fire safety rules and actions in case of emergencies.

The administration and especially the Rector of Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov Serik Maulenovich Omirbayev made a great contribution to the improvement of students' dormitory.

Summer sports grounds were built on the territory of the Students' House. Horizontal bars, wall bars, parallel bars and a serpent were installed. For the convenience of the students, the dormitory has comfortable classrooms; newspapers and magazines for the total sum of 100,000 KZT are annually ordered by the University for the students. 30 T-shirts with the "Student Council" sign were ordered, the stand of the Council was prepared for the fifth anniversary of the Student Council. It should be noted that the attention to the problems of the students in the dormitory helps to create the necessary conditions for living and leisure, has a positive effect on the academic performance of students and contributes to the development of student's personality.

The main tasks of Student’s House:

• Рlacement of foreign students, Master of Arts, candidates, people working for doctor's degree, listeners of skills improvement faculty and other forms of postgraduate and additional professional education at study period

• Provision with necessary conditions for living, self-independent occupation and rest, and also arrangement of cultural-educational and sport activity

• Student’s House is a part of Pavlodar state university named after S.Toraigyrov as an organization development and it is hold at the expenses of budget means.

• General management of work of Student’s House on strengthening development of material resources, organization of consumer services for residents is laid on head of Student’s House.