The result of the active correspondence of the International cooperation department with Morden Business Academy NOVA of the educational programs realization is the beginning of the “Recognition” program’s realization in Regent Business School (SA).

The presentation of the “Recognition” program and the round table on the theme “The step to the international educational space” took place with participation of the Novikov A.V. - the director of the Morden Business Academy NOVA on May 4, 2009.

Recognition is the program of the qualification’s confirmation received by students of PSU named after S.Toraighyrov.

The diplomas of the present graduating students, the graduating students of a preceding year and other educational institution are subject to recognition of the qualification. It is unique opportunity to recognize the diplomas of PSU named after S.Toraighyrov students by our partners.

This certificate of the qualification’s confirmation makes it possible to raise the graduating students’ competitiveness in the labour market and to broaden their facilities of further job placement.

The persons graduated of the high professional education in the fields of economic, finance, management, marketing, accounting and audit, insurance and appraisal activities may be the applicants.

The qualification’s confirmation in Regent Business School has the following advantages:

• the recognition of the conformity received education to standards of the leading business school of South Africa;

• the additional advantage of the job placement in own country and abroad;

• the favourable entrance to international educational programs if your university;

• the participation in international training and conference programs;

• the possibility of the article’s publication in international periodicals including Management Perspectives Journal, A journal of management studies of Regent Business School.


If you wish to confirm the qualification you must give the following documents to the RBS representative in Kazakhstan:

- the application of the prescribed form on documents’ consideration with indication of GPA;

- the copy of diploma or mark book attested by PSU seal;

- resume; - the copy of passport attested by PSU seal;

- the paying slip.

Pavlodar state university named after S.Toraighyrov considered the opportunity to give the certificate to the best students at the expense of university and to sign the rendering of service’s agreement for the purpose of graduating student’s encouragement.

The representatives of Regent Business School in Kazakhstan:

S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar state university

Department of international cooperation, А-438

Tel: 8(7182)67-36-25 (internal: 1292)