The Council of Young Scientists — a subsidiary of the Department of Science of S. Toraigyrov Pavlodar State University — is a standing collegial deliberative assembly founded as a group of young authorized representatives (up to 35 years of age, inclusive) of the University departments, overseeing youth politics and asserting interests of young researchers and specialists.

The Council was founded for the purpose of boosting the professional growth of the young scientists of S. Toraigyrov PSU, uniting them in their efforts to research on various relevant scientific issues, as well as bolstering the innovative work of the young scientists.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Council engages in the following:

• supporting the professional growth of the scientific youth, assisting various research endeavors and providing employment opportunities for the young prospective specialists within the University departments;

• assistance in distribution and implementation of the results of young scientists’ research efforts;

• partaking in the efforts to preserve scientific succession and various scientific schools and branches;

• information support of the scientific youth (providing information on employment opportunities, foundations, grants, conferences, schools and other engagements);

• organizing and conducting of scientific conferences among the young scientists of the University;

• organization and helping in conducting scientific conferences, science-practical seminars, round tables;

• representing young scientists’ interests within state, social, scientific and other institutions;

• conducting social surveys among young scientists, in order to reveal issues and finding ways of addressing them;

• providing assistance in the housing of young scientists;

• encouragement of the most active members of the community;

• collaborating with innovation and implementation institutions;

• conducting science propaganda.

In its activity, The Young Scientist Council follows:

- The Statute of The Council of Young Scientists

- The Concept of development of The Council of Young Scientists

- Work plan of The Council of Young Scientists.

Statute of The Council of Young Scientists

Primary areas of council activities

Expected results