I. Participate directly in the addressing of various social and scientific issues, submit proposals to the administrative bodies, scientific and social organizations, and participate in the implementation of the decisions related to the scientific youth of the University:

1. Contributing to the professional development of the scientific youth, propagation of the scientific youth initiatives and placement of the prospective staff members at the departments of the University.

Ways of implementation:

  • Encouragement of the active representatives of the scientific youth;
  • Gathering of information pertinent to the scientific activities of the young scientists (through surveys);
  • Analysis of the scientific youth contingent (by means of the database);
  • Presenting nominees for acceptance and encouragement by the Council;
  • Establishment of the business cooperation center, as well cultural, recreational, sports and healthcare activities, expositions, contests and fares.

2. Conducting sociological surveys among the scientific youth for the purpose of revealing issues and finding the solutions.

Ways of implementation:

  • Composing the survey questionnaire;
  • Drawing figures and tables of the survey;
  • Conducting the survey among young scientists;
  • Analysis of the survey results;
  • Findings;
  • Making decisions.

3. Involvement of the scientific youth in the research efforts.

Ways of implementation:

  • Divide the Council into two sectors: organization and research;
  • Stimulate the conduction of meetings of the scientific youth at the University;
  • Development of the relevant scientific topics and their discussion at the Council;
  • Holding conventions, round tables;
  • Holding Council meetings;
  • Holding extended meetings of the Council.

4. Holding research conventions for the young scientists of the University.

Ways of implementation:

  • Developing programs for international conferences;
  • Organizing and monitoring the conference holding process.

5. Supporting the scientific succession and preserving research schools. Ways of implementation:

  • Assisting the Department of Science;
  • Organizing and assisting in holding scientific conferences, schools, seminars and round tables;
  • Conducting propaganda of science.

II Cooperation with scientific, student and other organizations.

1. Cooperation with scientific, students and other organizations.

Ways of implementation: 

  • Holding joint events;
  • Conducting consultations on scientific efforts;

III Participate in the founding of social nonprofit organizations, objectives of which correspond to those of the Council.

1. Facilitate the process of founding research and innovation centers:

  • Assistance in founding of research and innovation centers;
  • Assisting in organizing research schools;
  • Developing practical scientific topics.

2. Founding of a technopark;

Ways of implementation:

  • Facilitating contact with the industry.

IV Participate in international, republican, interregional, regional and other projects and programs.

1. Providing information support for the scientific youth; providing information about job offers, foundations, scholarships, conferences, seminars and various other events useful to the scientific youth;

2. Participating in grant projects and programs.

V Engage in other activities within the interests of scientific youth that does not violate current law.

1. Interface with the innovation and implementation organizations;

2. Supporting the distribution and implementation of the research findings of the young scientists.

Ways of realization:

  • Conducting consultations;
  • Internet usage;
  • Assistance in finding research supervisors.

VI Spread information and present annual reports on the Council’s activities.

1. Mass media coverage of the research efforts and events conducted by the Council.

Ways of realization:

  • Up-to-date gathering of information on grants, programs, foundations;
  • Spreading information over the internet, television and radio;
  • Internet, information bulletin of S. Toraigyrov PSU, local newspapers, television, CYS stand, radio broadcast;
  • Creating the CYS stand;
  • Publication of the PSU info-bulletin.