The number of contacts of universities officers with the leading foreign scientists, scientific centers, organizations permanently grows in PSU named after S. Toraighyrov. The number of foreign partners by the joint execution of scientific researches under agreement on creative cooperation increases. At present 60 agreements on cooperation function between universities, educational institutions and scientific centers of Russia, China, Poland, Greece, USA and France. The results of works of universities scientists are widely known for international scientific community. A whole number of textbooks, monographs published of results of researches were translated in English, Kazakh, Russian languages and received a high appraisal and recognition of foreign specialists.

In the network of international cooperation the groups of students and officers went to big university of Bulgaria for passing of linguistic training. They were assessed and certified by European pattern diploma. Sofia university named after K. Ohridski is the leading university of Bulgaria, it united 30 university of state which are part of strategic important partner’s list of PSU. Here the idea of opening of higher education institute was arisen in Renaissance epoch. The authority of university continues to raise and firm up till now.

The students and officers of PSU received the certificates “Management in the fields of education” of Pittsburg University, USA in November of 2008.

Officers and teachers of PSU have the opportunity to publish own articles in scientific editions of Spanish, Poland, USA, Czech Republic such journals as «Акта ботаника», «Журнал информационных и организационных наук», «Периодическое издание факультета экономики университета Риека», «Химия и индустрия», «M+E management & economics», «Этнология и фольклор», «The Asian EFL journal», «Журнал лингвистика».

In the framework of entering the education system of Republic of Kazakhstan to world education space the linguistic programs are realized which increase the share of teachers known English language up to teaching educational disciplines. For realization of linguistic programs PSU named after S.Toraighyrov carries out the practical lessons of Kazakh and foreign languages for students and masters.

Every year during vacations linguistic camps organize for: - teachers for formation professional linguistic competence in translation of original literature by specialty, in writing of scientific articles i Kazakh and foreign languages; - students of social pinched category(orphans, invalid, large family and others) in the view of realization of personality oriented approach in linguistic training.

Every day consulting works of “Bolashak”, IAESTE, DAAD,IREX, Scholarship of Berlin programs are held with students and scientific researches.

In the international cooperation lines of S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar state university teachers of university visited foreign countries for the purpose of refresher training, participation in international scientific-practical conferences, forums and seminars. In the network of agreements on cooperation about 30 masters went to Russian Federation universities with the view of information gathering for master thesis. About 46 students are studying abroad such programs as “Bolashak”, IAESTE, DAAD, IREX, Scholarship of Berlin and others.

Examples: Kairbaeva A.K., the head of foreign philology cathedra passed the training in Washington in one of the leading university of USA, Erzhanov H.T, prorector of innovation and new technology took part in 5th European congress of mammology, Nurseitova H.H, senior teacher of foreign philology cathedra took part in methodology seminar of Central European University of Budapest. In the network of cooperation agreement with international association IAESTE the student of our university Tleubaeva Samalzhan passed the training in University of science and technology, Poland.

Every year students of our university have the opportunity to attend English language course with participation of volunteer from USA.

Studying abroad

Dear students!

We are glad to see you on our web site!

S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar state university is one of the largest universities of Kazakhstan that gives an opportunity study and take the degree of bachelor, master  and doctor in different spheres. At present time, about 80 foreign students has been studying at the university.

The migration registration
A foreign citizen who came to study at S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar state university must personally come to the Department of International Affairs in the first (working) day of stay for registration. For registration the following documents must be submitted:

1. passport or identity card;

2. migration card;

3. 1 photo, size 3x4.

Note: A foreign student must register in the DIA each entry to the territory of Kazakhstan.

Department of International Affairs

The main educational building, 64 Lomov st., А-438, tel.: 67-36-25

Useful information for international student:

1. Rules of Entry, Stay and Exit of Foreign Nationals from the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. List of necessary documents for procedure of confession and notification documents about education, given by:

- schools, lyceums, gymnasiums;

- professional schools, colleges, institutes, universities.

3. The list of telephone numbers and addresses of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Scholars of international scholarship “Bolashak” give on confession following documents:

• original document about education;

• notarially certified translation of document about education and enclosures on state and/or Russian languages.

• reference-confirmation from “International programs center” about studying on the basis of international scholarship “Bolashak”;

• Notarially certified copy of identity card or passport of document’s owner about education, with translation on state and/or Russian language;

• Copy of payment receipt;

• File (plastic).

Dear graduates of educational institutions! We call you attention to frequently occurring mistakes, which detain an execution of documents.

1. Pay attention to:

Diploma Enclosure of diploma Archive reference
- Entrance date - graduating date The same The same
-series of diploma - number of diploma The same
The same
- registration № of diploma- The same
The same
- S.N.P. The same
The same

* In case of change of surnames it is necessary notarially certify copies of certificates.

2. In enclosures of diploma it is necessary to indicate (only printed text!):

• S.N.P. of its owner;

• series, number of diploma;

• hours of studied disciplines and practice;

• surname and initials of the rector, dean, secretary.

3. It is necessary to have translations of the all stamps under presentation of translated documents.

4. Archive references must have a number and date of registration.

5. Inadmissible:

• mistakes in original and copies of the all documents, corrections (use of correction fluids and others.) If correction was made by educational institution, it is necessary to make a note “to believe correction" and certify with stamp of educational institution;

• reduction of names of scholastic disciplines (for example: PRT, DDA and others.).

It is necessary to have a notarially certified letter of attorney (original), or covering letter from organization with signature of the first chief and stamp in case of delivering documents not personally, but a fiduciary.

Application on delivery of documents

Statement on delivery of documents must be filled competent, without corrections, in printed form, to indicate exactly address and contact telephones.


Payment should be done only after check of documents of employees of NAC of MES of the RK!

Reception of certificate

It is necessary to have identity card and original of payment receipt (fiduciary – notarial letter of attorney) at reception of certificate about confession or notification of document about education.

Documents will not be taken in the presence of the enumerated mistakes and corrections.

Remember, speed of conducting a procedure of confession/notification depends only on You and Your educational institution.

Impressions of program’s participations:

Tleubaeva Samalzhan

My name is Samalzhan. I am the fourth course student of PSU named after S.Toraigyrov, specialty - ecology. Last summer I passed a period of trainee by specialty on program IAESTE in Poland, Krakow city.


It is one of the most remarkable experiences in my life. Due to this program, at first, I have improved the level of my skills, second, I think for the most it is the most important - I had a chance to travel, see other countries, to get acquainted with absolutely other culture, style of life! Due to this experiment I can boldly say “I have a lot of friends over the world!”

We should follow the other countries, so why not to try? I consider that every student must have such experience!

Makatov Aldiyar

Purpose: improvement of colloquial English, acquaintance with culture and life style of the USA population, life experience, to liberalize.

Impressions: What I really know is that there is nothing, but a wonderful feeling when you are alone and you in America, adrenaline shoots from your eyes and a sensation that this world is –Yours does not leave you!

So, a well passed session, worries about conversation in embassy and evening party in honor of your departure are behind, and I rush along Boinge-737 with air communication Almaty -Amsterdam- NewYork to mysterious coasts of the new world. Pretty German stewardess asks as usually: water or soda? But afterwards she tries to palm on a Champaign (if you refuse, she will give you a beer), you put on earphones look movie, quietly penetrating into English speech, and you with a smile understand that adventures begin!!!

Adylhanova Nailya

After having passed a testing, I was lucky to become one of the participants of language program “Education overseas”. Language courses were conducted in Language training Department under Sophia state university named after St. Clement Okhridsky, in Sophia (Bulgaria). Lessons were conducted in period since 9 till 31 of July and formed 30 scholastic occupations per week. The groups were small, containing 5 persons.

The purpose of this trip was a study of English, but result was a certificate of European quality. Certainly, such courses – is a good possibility for students to improve skills and knowledge, rest ant see for oneself Bulgaria. I had a chance to combine an education with rest, visit a resort city Verna, on Black sea. This trip gave me enough language practice, many bright impressions and new friends.

Contests and grants (full-partial, personal-group, research-educational)

What is grant?

Grant is the sum of money and is given to you by international organization for realization of projects. Grant is given without compensation and irreversible.

You must complete application form. Application is written appeal with request about apportionment of grant.

Procedure of participation in contest and receiving of grant:

1. Grants are allocated on competitive basis.

2. You must complete application form to participate in contest. The application are received pending limited time which is defined by conditions of such fund.

3. All projects are considered by expert council and are confirmed by board of program.

4. The transfer of financial means to winner of contest is realized on the basis of agreement which conducts between grant giving organization and applicant (responsibility of parties, terms of works executions, presentation of accounts, schedule of means transfer are described in agreement).

5. On finishing of contest its results are informed to officers of programs. Student who received the grant must present the account to founder about using the grant.

Kinds of grants:

Research-educational grants

“Bolashak”, IREX, DAAD, Scholarship of Berlin, Scholarship of India government, Scholarship of Malaysia government.

What is the training?

Training is studying.

The main goal of training is formation and attaching of professional knowledges, skills which was received in the result of theoretical preparation in practice.

The person who successfully passed the training to receive the appropriate education document. We have sone trainings such as “Bolashak”, IAESTE, DAAD, CCUSA, Work and Travel.

1. Grans are allocated on competitive basis.

2. You must complete application form to participate in contest. The applications are received pending limited time which is defined by conditions of such fund.

3. All projects are considered by expert council and are confirmed by board of program.

Foreign partners are universities

The university develops and maintains cooperation with educational organizations of Republic of Kazakhstan and also with foreign partners for the purpose of improvement of the educational services. The guidance of university carries out works of international cooperation’s expansion. The department of international affairs tens the active work on establishment of mutually beneficial relations. At the present time the work concerning concluded agreements with 60 different educational and scientific organizations of foreign countries are carried out by the university.

Foreign partners are organizations

Organizations provide comprehensive supports to S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar state university including financial aid. Student can practice with scientific researches besides the studying. Talented students can adopt foreign partners’ practices and have the opportunity to make a inestimable contribution in development of our country.