Within the bounds of international academic exchange the Center for Archaeological Researches named after A.H. Margulan of Pavlodar state university named after S.Toraighyrov invited Girchenko E.A. and Kudinova M.A., the graduates of Novosibirsk state university to participate in work of the archaeological team at the multilayer settlement Shidertinskoe 2 in Ekibastuz city, Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan. The expedition’s researches will take place in a unique archaeological district, where many archaeological sites are located; they cover the time from the age of stone to the Middle Ages.

The main target will be a multilayer settlement Shidertinskoe 2, during the excavations the remains of underquadrangular constructions, trench shelters, two burials, fire place were examined, a large ceramic and fauna complex were collected last year. This year participants will begin to explore the north-east part of the excavation where the ochazhnye pits and calculations that have the early Bronze Age’ ceramics were found. These materials are particularly interesting for the fact that they illuminate the emergence and development of the metallurgical production in Priirtyshe.