On September, 18th, 2009 S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University signed Magna Charta in Bologna, Italy.

Magna Charta contains the basic university values and rights. For the first time the Magna Charta was signed in 1988 by 388 rectors of universities from the different countries of the world. The Observatory of Magna Charta is the noncommercial organisation based by University of Bologna and the European Association of Universities.

The observatory has the purpose of getting the information, expression of opinions and preparation of the documents concerning protection and respect of aforementioned university values and rights.

The Board of Guardians of the Observatory includes the Royal Family of Monaco, the Pope, and representatives of the royal nobility of Spain.

Welcoming speeches of the President of Magna Charta, Professor Fabio Roversi, the Rector of the University of Bologna, Professor Pierre Hugo Kaltsolari opened the 21st annual Ceremony of signing of Magna Charta.

We took part in the 1st session: «Higher education in social and economic changes», «The contribution of universities and authorities», on which Andrew Macintosh (the Councilor of Europe and Chamber of Lords, Great Britain) presented his view of vision.

2nd session was devoted to the theme «Moral aspects of Economic knowledge and the bases» and the 3rd session: «Higher education as a key of the further development – lessons of the Arabian world» the moderator of which was Saleh Hashim (the General Secretary of the Arabian Universities Association, Lebanon).

All the participants of the 21st ceremony were defined in the working groups different in subjects. S.Toraighyrov PSU took an active part in the 2nd working group on the subject of threats of specificity extinction– Darwinism of the subjects.

At the end of the group work total decisions of the presented problems of Monik Fulo (the General secretary of the international formation organisation, France); Dzhajram Reddi (the Chief Adviser for higher education, Southern Africa) were listened to.

We had personal meetings with the President of the Magna Charta, professor Fabio Roversi (Monaco); the rector of Technical University of Lisbon Fernando Ramoa Riberio (Lisbon, Portugal); the General Secretary of the Magna Charta Observatory Bastian Bauman (Italy); the Honorable President of the Arabian Universities Association Saleh Hashem; with the Responsible manager of the Magna Charta Observatory, Professor Karlaj Pazagli (Italy); with the Member of parliamentary assembly, the councilor of Europe, Professor Andrew Robert Macintosh.

Personal contacts came into joint plans and projects with the representatives of Universities of Czech, Slovakia, Italy, France, the republic of South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, and Ukraine.

The process of the Magna Charta signing where our University was obliged to follow and carry out fundamental principles of the Magna Charta, passed according to all canons of ancient traditions.

During a gala-dinner devoted to celebrating of signing we discussed issues with the President of the Magna Charta, Professor Fabio Roversi (Monaco) and the General Secretary of the Magna Charta Observatory, Professor Bastian Baumann about joint plans and consultation of our University concerning the academic mobility. The unequivocal consent is received.

Acquaintance with the Rector of University of Bologna (Italy), Professor Pierre Hugo Kaltsolari, and the Rector of Enian university (Greece) Dimitros Tsugarakis pushed us to new ideas, projects in the light of development and strategic planning of the academic mobility.

Huge work has been done not only on signing of the Magna Charta (Bologna, Italy), but also concrete actions have been planned for joint conferences, projects, seminars with the fulfilled list of the potential active partners, ready to co-operate and assist in development of the international academic mobility.

The conclusion:

1. The Mission of activity of International Affairs Department of our university in the light of break in the European educational space is being realized in full power (correct directions of the Department activity are chosen).

2. It is necessary to strengthen a direction of joint preparation of bachelors, masters and PhDs within the limits of credit units clearing with university-partners.

3. There is a necessity of the international accreditation of educational programs for removal of nostrification questions of the diplomas.

4. There is a necessity of increase in quantity of polylingual graduates, deepening of language preparation and introduction of experts preparation on foreign languages.