The Department has the following laboratories:

Room A-117 - Special Issues of Fuel Combustion; Engineering Ecology and Environmental Protection; High-Temperature Industrial Installations.

Room A-337- Water chemistry and processes.

Room A-338 - Heat and Mass Transfer; Engineering Thermodynamics.

Room A-434 - Materials Science.


The Laboratory of Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat and Mass Transfer, A-338. It is equipped with stands and installations for study and research of thermodynamic properties of water, steam and bulk materials.



The Laboratory of Fluid and Gas Mechanics, Corrosion and Conservation, Physical and Chemical Methods of Water Purification, A-132. It is equipped with installations for water purification with staged desalting based on ion-exchange cation resins and anion resins.



The Laboratory of Special Issues of Fuel Combustion, Energy Sources, Engineering Ecology and Environmental Protection, High-Temperature Industrial Installations, A-117. It has special equipment and an installation for determining thermal characteristics of fuel and modeling problems of thermal ignition.