Reading room for Faculty members 

The Reading Room for Faculty Members was established in 2002. Members of this division provide differentiated services to researchers, academic staff, and postgraduate students of the University.

The resources available in this reading room include works on science studies, problems of higher education, periodically supplemented collection of dissertations and works by S. Toraighyrov PSU members, works and scientific records of the largest universities of Kazakhstan and CIS countries, proceedings of scientific conferences, reports on research activity and design and development works, the original foreign literature obtained by the University and granted by nonprofit organizations. 

Based on applications from readers, members of the division select literature from the main book depository and additional resources of the Library. The division creates favorable conditions for its readers.

The most valuable resources include: a 22-volume encyclopedia “World Book”, a 250-book collection of world’s finest literary works “The Millenium”, unadapted scientific publications, newspapers and journals in foreign languages. 

Scientific works collections of outstanding members of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, whose native land is Pavlodar oblast, a portrait gallery of academics, a unique 60-volume publication of “Nobel Lectures – 100 years”, which is a complete set of the brightest scientific discoveries and social works of Nobel Prize winners in physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, literature, economic sciences and peace-enforcement for the period of 1901-2000, are presented at book fairs of the reading room. 

In accordance with research fields of scientists, librarians of the reading room carry out selection of literature from the main book depository and subsidiary funds of other structural units of the library. They render assistance in books fairs arrangement, which complement international, republican scientific and practical conferences of the University. 

The following facilities are available to users of the reading room:

- 26 automated working places;

- Every computer is equipped with necessary software, electronic resources (including resources created and obtained by the Library and remote access resources) are available to users. 

- Electronic Library, created by the scientific library;

- RIEL (the Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library);

- UEL (National Center for Scientific and Technical Information JSC) United Electronic Library;

- Access to scientific electronic periodicals of Thomson Reuter and Elsevier on a free of charge basis under the National License.

Users also have an opportunity to work with CDs stored in the library’s fund, and are also provided with all necessary textbooks and journals with electronic data storage devices.  

Coziness and comfort of the reading room create favorable atmosphere for its users.