Reading Room of the Library of People of Kazakhstan 

The Library of People of Kazakhstan was established under the University’s project on September 20, 2011. The purpose of the project is to contribute to strengthening stability, social harmony and spiritual unity of people of Kazakhstan.

All members of the University took part in implementation of the project. A great work has been done to collect books written in the languages of nations of Kazakhstan.

This Library’s resources include books donated by the National Libraries of Armenia and Azerbaijan, Pavlodar’s affiliate of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, and the academic staff of the University.

As of today, the Library has over 3231 books in languages of Kazakhstan, including 60 publications stored on electronic data storage devices. Resources of the Library are constantly supplemented with new arrivals.

Activities of the library of the people of Kazakhstan are aimed at instilling respect in students for culture, traditions and languages of 110 nationalities, living in the region, acquainting students with the life and works of poets and writers of Kazakhstan, awakening their interest in reading of imaginative writings of classic and modern literature in their original languages, besides this, reviving languages of the people of Kazakhstan, creating favorable conditions for their preservation, passing along traditions and customs.

The book fund of the reading room is compiled of available works of national authors in the Russian language and of the academic staff of the University. 

Currently the reading room has resources in 16 languages: Azerbaijan, Armenian, Belarusian, Greek, Jewish, Ingush, Karakalpak, Korean, Moldavian, Polish, Tajik, Tatar, Turkish, Uzbek, Ukrainian and Chuvash.

Among a great number of periodic printed publications published in today’s Kazakhstan are over twenty national ones. The reading room of the library of people of Kazakhstan is subscribed for 13 periodicals: newspapers “Deutsche Allgemeihe Zeitung»” (DAZ) in the German language, “Украiнськi новини” in the Ukrainian language, “Уйгур авази” in the Uyghur language, a republican newspaper “Koryo ilbo” published in Korean as well as Russian, et al. Also the reading room is subscribed for the following journals: National Cohesion (“Druzhba narodov”), Nations Art (“Tvorchestvo narodov mira”), Life of nationalities (“Zhizn natsionalnostey”), Ethno-artistic culture (“Etnohudozhestvennaya kultura”), Ethnographic survey (“Etnograficheskoye obozreniye”), “Minaret”.

Multilingualism is a common thing here in the reading room, as the staff members of the library together with representatives of the national cultural alliances often hold literary-musical events, such as “Nauryz”, “Svyatki”, “Maslenitsa”, folklore meetings, the cycle of gatherings “Handiwork Planet” with participation of folk art craftsmen, presentations of new books and national literature weeks. The presentation of a book “So a life ball unravels…” written in the Tatar language by poetess Zemfira Idrissovna Yakupova has been held recently, a book of poems “Lines flying through the time” written by poet Nikolay Titov has been presented with participation of Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor N. G. Shafer.

The reading room of the library of the people of Kazakhstan is awaiting its readers daily from 09.00 am to 18.00 pm, except Saturdays and Sundays (room 5/1).