History of the Department

The Department of Zootechnology, Genetics and Selective Breeding was established at the Faculty of Agricultural Technology at the initiative of S. Toraighyrov PSU Rector, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Ye.M. Aryn in July 2010.

The Department of Zootechnology, Genetics and Selective Breeding offers a Bachelor's degree program in 5B080200 Live-stock Products Production Technology, as well as a Master's degree program.

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The Department of Zootechnology, Genetics and Selective Breeding

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The results of the intermediate state control in Zootechnics

  • 70.5 points in 2006
  • 91.1 points in 2007
  • 93.9 points in 2008
  • 87.4 points in 2009
  • 90.1 points in 2010

Total number of students is 179, including:

  • 18 students in 050802 Zootechnics
  • 161 students in 5В080200 Live-stock Products Production Technology

16.5% of them study on a contractual basis, while 83.5% of students are holders of state educational grants. 11 students are enrolled in a part-time mode.



Head of the Department

Full name: Nadezhda Bakayevna Burambayeva

Position: Head of the Department

Academic degree: Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

Academic rank: HAC Associate Professor, PSU Professor

Education: higher, Semipalatinsk Veterinary Institute, Zooengineer (1987). Candidate of Agricultural Sciences in 06.02.01 Breeding, Genetics, Selection and Reproduction of Farm Animals, Kazakh National Agrarian University (1998)

Courses taught: Sheep Breeding; Technology of Wool and Mutton Production; Goat Breeding, Milk, Meat, Wool and Fluff Production Technologies; Biometrics; Wool science

Professional experience: 27 years

  • Publications: over 130 research papers:

Field of research: Breeding, selection, genetics and reproduction of agricultural animals

Professional achievements: 

According to the results of research published over 100 scientific articles, 2 monographs, recommendation, sheep breeding workshop, 6 textbooks, 3 innovative patents, 6 certificates of intellectual property of the author, textbook, 4 patents.

Since 2005-till nowadays manages contractual works in the farms of the East Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture of the research topic: "Improving the genetic potential of sheep (fine-fleeced, semifine-wool and pork-and-lard breeds) and goats" in the 2014-2017.

N.B. Burambayeva received a certificate of merit from the Akim of Semipalatinsk for a significant contribution to the development of higher education and training of qualified personnel, the Researcher of the Year title (2005), Best Head of the Department (2011), Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2013)


Students during the learning process


Social life of students

Students of the department are actively involved in cultural events held by the University. They annually participate in celebration of the national holiday Nauryz Meyramy, competitions for best national ceremony where they usually take the 2nd or 3rd places. Our students also won the title of the Best Student Group and were awarded a free trip to Astana.

In 2013, the students of the MShOOT-301 group Kuanysh Mazhitov won the World Championship in Pankration.

Students’ Leisure Time Activities


Location of the Department: Pavlodar, 64 Lomov St., room А1-105

Telephone number: 8(7182) 67-36-41 (ext.1207).



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