Main tasks of the Division of educational and social work

Main tasks of the EW&SAD are as follows:

- development of professional and moral culture among students;

- organization, control and management of educational and social work, general management of educational and social work in the faculties of the University;

- definition of the basic processes that regulate educational and social work;

- strategic and operational planning, analysis of implementation of educational and social work plans.

- improving the moral, ethical and cultural development of students and faculty members;

- using global experience and best local practices in the field of youth policy and curatorial work in organization of educational and social work;

- creating a social and educational environment aimed at:

1) creative self-development and personal fulfillment;

2) preservation of the University’s traditions;

3) civic and patriotic education;

4) formation of a system of moral incentives for students;

5) organization of work for the prevention of addictive behavior, offenses, drug dependency, and HIV infection among students;

6) introduction of new methods in educational work with students;

7) effective management of educational process at the University;

8) participation in the formation and sustaining the image of the University.

- record-keeping and reporting on the activities of the Division.


Functions of the Division of educational and social work

EW&SAD has the following functions:

- organization of educational and social work in the field of labor, moral, aesthetic, cultural, legal, socio-cultural, informational, patriotic, international, and environmental education, working in close cooperation with Departments and Faculties;

- organization and conduct of university-wide events with the participation of students and academic staff;

- supervision of student self-governance;

- organization of state holidays celebrations and festive events commemorating important dates and holidays;

- promoting involvement of young people in activities carried out by youth associations, participation in city, regional, national and international festivals and competitions;

- carrying out a systematic monitoring of compliance with legal order in the territory of the University;

- preparing annual reports on the results of educational and social work at the University;

- promoting healthy lifestyles among students and academic staff members;

- organization and control of the activities carried out by the Curators' Council;

- improving students' legal literacy;

- preparation of answers to questions and letters from higher-level bodies and other organizations, directly related to the organization of educational and social work at the University;

- organization of work on provision of material assistance to employees of S.Toraighyrov PSU;

- organization of work with S. Toraighyrov PSU veterans under the Ardager program;

- holding events for homefront workers on the eve of the Victory Day and veterans of the University on the eve of Nauryz and Day for the Elderly;

- provision of discounts for tickets to Bayantau for PSU veterans;

- making a schedule for PSU employees going to Bayantau for the summer season;

- forming a list of orphaned students who get free meals at the refectory of S. Toraighyrov PSU;

- coordinating the work of the Psychological Support room providing psychological assistance to students and academic staff;

- assisting in the organization of job fairs and company presentations; working on the development of student labor groups;

- booking tickets to Bayantau for businesses and organizations of the city and region; preparing draft orders, plans, reports, duty schedules for the staff, and arrivals schedule;

- organization and coordination of staff's work (members of the Student Philharmonic, operator of the sound studio, health care workers, trainers of the rescue service) in accordance with the schedule;

- checking readiness of Bayantau for the new summer season, the condition of all facilities and presence of all necessary supplies, equipment and furniture;

- organizing the work on trash removal, greenery planting and general improvement of the University territory;

- coordinating the work on the organization and conduct of medical examinations for university staff and students, X-ray examination of lungs, preventive vaccinations (EDTV-M, measles, rubella, viral hepatitis, and viral infections);

- working with letters, statements and written requests from students, staff and citizens regarding the campus life and other social affairs;

- coordinating the work of the museum complex; supervising organization of events, exhibitions, and excursions during the celebration of the Day of the Sate Symbols, Day of Turkic Writing, Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan, and Open Days;

- monitoring the condition of the University's main yurt (cleansing its felts and tarpaulin when necessary), and restoration of the Museum exhibits.


The Division of educational and social work is located in the main building (building A) of S. Toraighyrov PSU, room 233, tel. +7 (7182) 673681.