Pavlodar State University named after S.Toraighyrov has a dormitory (Students House, located on 101 Tolstoy St.), which consists of five floors, divided into three blocks. Total number of rooms is 162. The current capacity of the Students' House is 360 beds. The number of students who need an accommodation is 878. Places in the dormitory are given, first of all, to socially disadvantaged students, grant winners and students from other regions of Kazakhstan. According to the decision made by the Academic Council of the University, orphan students are exempt from paying for accommodation.


For organization of students' leisure, the dormitory has an auditorium with 120 seats. It is equipped with audio system with karaoke, projection TV set with the diagonal of 114 cm, cable TV, video and media library which are regularly updated and supplemented. The dormitory has a computer class, gym, and a tennis court. All sports facilities have the necessary equipment. Summer sports grounds were built on the territory of the Students House. Horizontal bars, wall bars, parallel bars and a serpent were installed.


For the convenience of the students, the dormitory has a comfortable classroom. There is a reading hall; newspapers and magazines for the total sum of 100,000 KZT are annually ordered by the University for the students.



At the moment, work is underway to acquire refrigerators and televisions in every room.

The Students House has round-the-clock security and video surveillance. The territory of the Students House is well-landscaped: it has benches and is planted with flowers.

It has already become a tradition to organize meetings of students with the Rector of the University in the Students House. The meetings of active students with the University administration are held on a regular basis. The purpose of such meetings is to discuss and solve urgent problems related to living in the Students House. The Council of the Students House organizes many different activities: wall newspapers, discos, sport competitions, chess tournaments, computer games contests.

In October of 2008, the Days of Legal Information took place in the Students' House. The employees of the Department of Internal Affairs of Pavlodar region, the Department of National Security Committee of Pavlodar region and the specialists from specialized medical institutions were invited to the meetings for discussing the following topics: Drug Use and Trafficking; Legal Relations, Liability, and Punitive Measures in the Field of Drug Use and Trafficking. More than 100 students took part in the meetings and were able to ask many questions and get interesting answers.

Complex involvement of students in various fields of activity contributes to further strengthening and development of the entire system of the educational process at the University through education, science, culture, sport and providing social guarantees for the students.

Due to the shortage of places in the dormitory in 2013, it is planned to build one more building of the dormitory for 500 people. The construction is to be finished in 2014.


Table 1 Information on the Material and Technological Infrastructure

The name, address, telephone Type of the dormitory Commissioning year Renovation year Total square Number of beds
Students House, 101 Tolstoy St., Т.673624 Sectional 1973 2012 4009 360


Table 2 Information on Provision of Dormitory Places

Information on the students Accomodation charge
Total number of students Students who need an accommodation Students living in the dormitory per month per year
4340 (as of 1.04.13г.) 878 360 2200 25 000