To organize catering for the students of the University, the academic buildings A (64 Lomov St.) and B (139 Chokin St.) have canteens. Moreover, the Students Club (99 Tolstoy St.) is available for all students and faculty members.

Table 3 Public Catering Objects

Name of the object Square, km2 Number of seats Rented
1. Canteen of the building A 567,2 300 284,8
2. Canteen of the building B 96,3 40 52,5
3. Students Club 534,3 144 175,5

All catering facilities are rented by private owners. Working time tables are set up in accordance with the suggestions of the students and members of the teaching staff. The price of a set meal is 300 tenge. Orphans and students left without parental care get set meals free of charge. The level of service and the quality of products are controlled by the Committee for Youth Affairs, health centers workers, the Department of Educational Work and Social Affairs of the University. The work of catering facilities is discussed at the meetings with the Commission for Canteens, medical personnel and renters.

The renters of the canteens faithfully fulfill the conditions of the tender: quality cooking (freshness and cleanness of the products), wide range of dishes (starters, main courses, pastries, salads, and drinks). The renters are also obliged to maintain facilities in good order, carry out renovations within the terms agreed by the parties.

The renters have all necessary regulatory documents and standards, sanitary, veterinary and other regulations. All requirements regarding selling dishes, storing the products, personal hygiene activities are met.


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