Pavlodar State University named after S.Toraighyrov has 3 health centers, the main purpose of which is providing primary (pre-medical) care in the academics buildings and College of the University. The health centers are located in the following rooms: rooms 112 and 114 (building A); rooms 125 and 123 (building B); rooms 3,4,5 and 6 (the College).

All rooms are renovated in accordance with the requirements of Sanitary Rules and Norms No. (Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements for Arrangement, Content and Conditions of General Education and Boarding Institutions).

Each health center consists of an admission room and a procedure room. The health center of the College has a vaccination room where vaccination of college and university students (years 1 to 5) is carried out according to the calendars, as well as vaccination on epidemiological indications. Medical examination of year 1 students is carried out in October. Based on the results of this examination, all students are divided into three groups: basic, special medical group and exempt for health reasons. Annual monitoring of photofluorographies is carried out for the students and members of the teaching staff, as well as examination of students with diseases. Each health center maintains and registers all documents, the medical staff provides emergency medical assistance and first aid. The medical centers work in close cooperation with the Hospital Number 1, Regional Center for Healthy Lifestyle, AIDS center, Health Department of Pavlodar region.

The health center of the University received a state license on January 14, 2010. The license is valid on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is permanently valid if the medical staff continues its professional development every five years in accordance with the established procedure.


13.3.6 Degree of availability of dormitories, meeting the sanitary-epidemiological rules and regulations, for the students.

There is a laundry with 7 washing machines (Indesit) and a room for drying clothes. There are shower cabins. Two kitchens are equipped with 9 electric stoves. The students living in the dormitory also can have meals in the Students Club.

In each room there are sinks, toilets and necessary furniture: beds, bookshelves, drawer units, chairs and tables.