Head of the Career Center - Zinaida Masagutovna Zhanpeisova


Main functions of the Department:

  • planning the development of the system of partnership between the state and private sectors;
  • establishing various forms of cooperation with partners in order to improve the quality of education based on making the learning process as close to the actual production as possible;
  • organizing and controlling internships of students;
  • organizing the placement and control of employment of graduates;
  • monitoring career advancement of graduates and the degree of satisfaction of external customers and graduates of the University with the quality of education at PSU.


Members of the Department

Nurgul Yerdenovna Shapikhova, specialist of the highest level of qualification

Gulnara Muratovna Bektemirova, specialist of the II Category highest level of qualification


Contact information:

Pavlodar, 64 Lomov St.

MAB, room А-211

Tel. 8-7182-673689 (ext. 1190)

e-mail: praktika@ psu.kz