Realization of student academic mobility of Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov

Students, wishing to participate in programs of academic mobility put in an application on participation to coordinator of the faculty programs not later than 2 months before the start of the academic period.

A reference from graduate department should be enclosed in the application

The contract on mutual cooperation with receiving university is made by faculties together with the Center of Academic Mobility (CAM) and the Department of International Affairs on the basis of application on participation.

A participant selection of academic mobility is realized on a competitive basis. The participants of academic mobility should have a good academic performance («A», «A-», «B +», «B», «B-») and know language of receiving country (or English), program compliance or agreement on exchange.

In case of positive decision of receiving university about student participation in a program of academic mobility the Center of Academic Mobility organizes trilateral arrangement (Home and partner universities and student).

Students, passing a competitive selection jointly with advisers develop an individual curriculum of teaching in partner - higher educational institution.

After completion of study at receiving partner university students should give transcript of his/her study records to CAM.

Upon returning from a trip, a student files an expense report to the Department of Economics and Finance. In case with external mobility, the following documents must be filed with the expense report: a copy of passport with the stamps confirming border crossings or a business trip certificate, travel documents, residential lease agreement and other documents evidencing expenditures made with the knowledge of the administration.

If the trip is financed by the University, the reimbursement is made based on the approved expense report.