Head of the department - Aliya Temirkhanovna Kireeva


Functions of the Student Department:

- execution and maintenance of personal files of students;

- preparation and submission of personal files of students transferred to other universities on requests;

- preparation of requests for personal files of students transferred to or recovered from other universities;

- issuance of academic certificates, certificates of graduation for the alumni;

- filling in alphabetical books for the registration and movement of the contingent of students;

- maintaining books (registers) for the issue of graduation diplomas and forms for academic certificates;

- preparation of documents for the procedure of recognition and nostrification of qualifications awarded by foreign educational organizations;

- receiving applications for recovery, transfer from another university, provision of academic leave, withdrawal from the academic leave, admission to re-take the final certification, or in-university transfer;

- preparation of orders on movement of the contingent of students, change of last name, first name or patronymic, compensation for the expenses borne by undergraduate and graduate students in respect of using public transport, issuance of a duplicate of record book or student card, allocation of scholarships, provision of tuition fee discounts, awarding PSU scholarships;

- submission of monthly reports on the movement contingent of students to the Department of Economics and Finance;

- preparation of annual statistical report on the contingent of students (3-NC, 2–NC);

- checking departure clearances, registration and issuance of graduation diploma and annexes thereto;

- formation and constant updates of student databases.



Information about Students` department

Dina Kudaybergenovna Kudaybergen, specialist of the higher сategory highest level of qualification

Ayslu Albekovna Akylbekova, specialist of the second category of higher qualification level

Akmaral Baktybekovna Kozkina, specialist of the second category of higher qualification level

Zarina Baurzhanovna Kireeva, specialist of higher qualification level


Contact data:

Pavlodar city, Lomov Street, 64

Main building, office 115-A

Tel. 8-7182-673634(extension 1118)