History of the Faculty

In 1960, pre-entry courses were established in order to prepare prospective students from the working class for entering the University. Later this structural unit also became responsible for the occupational guidance of prospective students.

In 2003, the Faculty of Pre-University Education and Occupational Guidance, combining pre-entry courses, occupational guidance division and specialized classes, was established.

Taking into account the main priorities of the Bologna process and with a view to creating a new educational environment meeting the modern requirements, the decision was made to establish the Foundation Faculty in March 2012.

Since October 2014, the Faculty has had a Division for Representatives of Kazakh Diaspora Living Abroad, Repatriates and Foreign Citizens (Order 383 dated September 18, 2014, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

The Dean of the Faculty is Candidate of Pedagogic Science, Professor of PSU Saule Kamalidenovna Ksembayeva.


Objectives of the Foundation Faculty:

• to provide high-quality educational services to prospective students through the system of in-depth study of subjects necessary for subsequent enrollment in higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan.

• to prepare students from Kazakh Diaspora living abroad and other foreign citizens for studying in the official language at higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

• to train students of specialized classes in their corresponding profiles and award corresponding qualifications.

Main functions of the Faculty:

• providing advice on the selection of educational programs to students of preparatory courses and students of specialized classes;

• organizing and delivering training for entering higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the system of training courses;

• in-depth training in the corresponding area for entering higher educational institutions through the system of specialized classes;

• preparing school-leavers from Kazakh Diaspora living abroad and other foreign citizens for passing complex testing;

• providing knowledge and skills necessary for subsequent enrollment in a higher education program in Kazakh.


The main fields of the Faculty activities:

1. In-depth training of prospective students attending the pre-entry courses for subsequent admission to higher education institutions inlcuding:

- training in CTA (Complext Testing of Applicants) subjects - (Mathematical Literacy, Reading Literacy, Kazakhstan History, vocation-related subjects);

- advanced multilingual training opens up great prospects for future academic mobility.

2. Division for Representatives of Kazakh Diaspora Living Abroad, Repatriates and Foreign Citizens

The main objective of this division is to ensure adaptation of foreign citizens to life and studies in Kazakhstan, prepare them for entering universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and provide in-depth training in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

As of today, there are 80 students. All of them are holders of state educational grants and receive scholarships.

3. Additional educational services:

- pre-entry courses for UNT and CTA (evening, distance, intensive courses) where knowledge obtained at schools are supplemented to fill the existing gaps;

- specialized classes for grade 10 and 11 students from secondary schools where students get basic training in major subjects and in-depth training in one the following specializations: auto mechanic, engineering graphics operator, draftsman, accountant-economist, administrative assistant with the knowledge of the English language, and food technologist. After passing the final certification, students receive certificates confirming their qualification:

- a vehicle mechanic;

- an oil and gas storage tank operator;

- an oil and gas equipment mechanic;

- a designer;

- a graphics operator;

- a drafter;

- an accountant-economist;

- an executive assistant with English language skills;

- a food technologist;

- a chemical laboratory assistant.

Upon completion of training, having successfully passed final qualification examinations, students are awarded a certificate of qualification attained.


Full name: Saule Kamalidenovna Ksembayeva

Position: Dean of the Foundation Faculty

Academic degree: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Academic rank: Professor of PSU


- higher, Novosibirsk State Pedagogical Institute, a bachelor’s degree in Russian Language and Literature (1988);

- a master’s degree program in Pedagogy, S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University Institute, Psychology (2004)

- Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Ye. A. Buketov Karaganda State University, 13.00.08 (2009);

- Associate Professor of the Committee for Control of Education and Science (2011);

- a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan (since 2011).

Courses taught: Pedagogy; History of Pedagogy; Theory of Social Work; Methods and Technology of Social Work 

Professional experience: 19 years at a higher education institution 

Publications: scholarly articles, academic and methodical manuals “General and Social Pedagogy”, “Practicum for Social Workers”, “The Fundamentals of Social Work”, an electronic text book “History of Pedagogy”, a reference book “Social Services in Social Work”. 

Содержание подготовки будущих педагогов к организации внешкольной работы / Вестник ПГУ серия педагогическая №3 2010; 

Жоғары білікті мамандарды даярлау үдерісіндегі дуалды оқыту ерекшекшелігі педагог мамандардың заманауи өзекті  мәселелердің бірі/ Еуразия ұлттық университетінің хабаршысы, №1, 2015; 

Formation of Teachers’ Competences through Modular Educational Programs // Bothalia Journal, 2014; Vol. 44, No. 9;.Sep. 2014; Р.225-236.  ISSN: 0006-8241

Field of research: the content of measures to prevent social orphanhood

Field of research: Teaching Methods (Pedagogy, Social Work)

Professional achievements: Awards, Diplomas, Certificates

- Winner of the Tokmukhamed Sadykov Scholarship (2010);

- An original course titled “The Fundamentals of the Theory and Methodology of Pedagogical Measurements” delivered by V. S. Avanessov (Astana, 2010); 

- A professional development course at the Orleu National Center for Professional Development (2015);

- A training workshop held in terms of integration of the technology “New Approaches and Methods of Pre-University Preparation of Prospective Students” of the EDTECH International Center of Education into the work of the Foundation Faculty of S. Toraighyrov PSU (certificate of completion) (December 14, 2015) (Pavlodar); Letter of thanks of the Minister E. Sagadiyev "For long-term work in the development of the education system, contribute to the education of the younger generation and achievements" (2016)

 - The Certificate of Appreciation from Minister Ye. Sagadiyev to recognize her achievements in the field of spiritual and social development of Independent Kazakhstan and her contribution to education (2017).


Members of the Foundation Faculty


Alua Zhakanovna Dyusenova - Deputy Dean of the Foundation Faculty

Gulnaz Yertayevna Konakbayeva - specialist of the Foundation Faculty

Diana Kasymzhomartovna Baltabayeva - specialist of the Foundation Faculty

Aidana Tleukanovna Nurbekova - specialist of the Foundation Faculty

Anar Karibayevna Kakimova - specialist of the Foundation Faculty

Lyazzat Zhumatayevna Mukanova - specialist of the Foundation Faculty



There are training courses for school leavers for UNT and complex testing.

New groups with different study terms are formed on the 10th day of every month. Lessons are conducted from 16:25 till 19:15 on the subjects, necessary for passing UNT, CTA. Lessons are taught in the form of lectures and seminars; trial testing is conducted for knowledge checking.


Contact information

Adress: Pavlodar, 139 Chokin Str., room B-303, B-305A

Phone numbers: 673-650, 673-685 (ext. 1266, 1104)


Educational Facilities

Quality Assurance Achievements of the Foundation Faculty for the 2016-2017 academic year

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