Many former students of the Department have later become leaders of large companies, businessmen, and politicians holding positions of responsibility in the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. To name just a few, M.V. Babiy (Director General at Pavlodar Tractor Plant in 1992-1996), Zh.A. Shakenov (Director General of Zhiguly servicing station), M.A. Rogachevskiy (President of Zavod Oktyabr CJSC), A.K. Khamitov (Deputy Director General of Kazakhstan Tractor JSC), I.A. Kokh (Director General of Sut JSC), K.M. Suleymenov (Director of the Regional Transportation Office and Carpool 3076), S.K. Aliguzhinov (Minister of Transport and Communications in 1992-1995), S.O. Yesimkhanov (Senator of the RK Parliament), I.S. Gordiyenko (President of Radikal Company), T.T. Uaykhanov (President of Sultan Company), etc.