Department of "Management and Political Science" was formed in 2015 through the union of specialties 5B051000 "State and local administration », 5M050700 "Management" and 6M050200 “Political Sciences”. The head of the combined department is Candidate of Political Sciences, Professor Kaliyev Ildar Abuzhanovich.

The department trains students on specialties: 5B051000 "State and local administration", 5B050700 "Management" (Bachelor's programme), 6M050700 "Management" (Master’s programme), 5B050200 "Political Science" (Bachelor's programme full-time, the higher second, distant on the VET bases ), 6M050200 " Political Science "(MSc). Preparation and graduate of students of "State and local administration " conducted since 2001, "Management" since 2012, specialty "Political science" - Bachelor'sand  Master’s programme - since 2005. In 2015, the MES Commission, after a thorough audit of the department, certified specialty "Political Science", " State administration ", "Management", extended the educational license for the next five years.



Full name: Ildar Abuzhanovich Kaliyev

Position: Head of the Department, PSU professor

Academic degree: Candidate of Political Science

Academic rank: Associate Professor

Education: S. Toraighyrov PSU, History

Teaching disciplines: Political Science; Sociology (inter-faculty); Political Technology; Political Systems and Regimes; National Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Political Power; Strategic Analysis of Politics, Modern international relations and global development.

Work experience: 19 years.

List of scientific papers: 42 articles, 2 monographs, 5 study guides, 4 electronic textbooks (“Political Systems and Regimes”; “Contemporary International Relations and Global Development”; “Political Institutions and Political Entities”, “Political Power”).

Field of research: national (international) security, international relations, political technologies. 

Professional achievements (awards, diplomas and certificates): certificate for completion of a course in Application of Test Forms in the Learning Process; Participant of the seminar-training "Development of the intra-university system to ensure the quality of education"; Courses "Rhetorical basis of judicial speech"; Certificate of the participant of the seminar "Actual problems of modern philosophy"; Certificate of the course "Teaching on Distance Learning Technology"; Certificate of the seminar participants on resources of Thomson Reuters for scientific research.




Main academic building, office № 517. 

Telephone number 67-36-87 (Extension phone 11-24)



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