The head of the Strategic Analysis and Rankings Division is Julia Alexandrovna Vyatkina


The main activities of the Division:

• planning, coordination and control of strategic development of the University in all directions of its activity;

• participation of the University in the academic rankings in the field of assessment of undergraduate and postgraduate programs carried out by international and domestic rating agencies.

• monitoring and evaluation of the quality of educational provided services, internal services.


The main functions of the Division:

• generation of development strategy, strategic plans, target indicators and tasks on the main directions of the University’s activity;

• coordination, progress monitoring, introduction of modifications and supplements into development strategy, the strategic plan of the University, presentation of corresponding accounts;

• reporting the key performance indicators of the University to rating agencies, performing a comparative analysis of the participation of the University and other universities of Kazakhstan in the academic rankings;

• establishing and maintaining cooperation with government agencies and outside organizations on activities of the Department;

• providing informational and consulting support on activities of the Division to the structural units.


Members of the Division

Gulzhan Turyspekovna Artykbayeva, specialist of the II category of the highest level of qualification

Bibinur Abayevna Karkanova, a specialist with intermediate vocational qualification

Bakyt Zhumakeldikyzy Turan, specialist the highest level of qualification


Contact information:
Pavlodar, 64 Lomov St.
MAB, room 248
Tel. 8-7182-673632 (ext. 12-54)