Director of “Toraighyrov University” Publishing Center

Shokybaeva Zayresh Zhanatovna

Scientific Publishing Center "Toraighyrov University" engaged in publishing since 2004. On the basis of the order № 1-02-06/560 of 22.06.2007 PSU S.Toraigyrov Scientific Publishing Center was reorganized into Publisher "Toraighyrov University". The publisher created three divisions, which systematize the work and the amount of published literature and blanks.

Printing is the purpose of the publication of training and scientific literature to support the learning process of the university. The publishing house has two departments that systematize the work on production of educational, methodological and scientific literature and printed materials.

The purpose of the publishing house is publication of educational, methodological and scientific literature to ensure the educational process of the University.


The main objectives of the publishing house “Kereku” are:

1) organization and implementation of works related to educational and scientific publishing activities of the University;

2) implementation of measures aimed at ensuring the high level of printing products;

3) publication of scientific, educational, educational and methodological reference literature necessary for supporting the educational process and carrying out research work of the University;

4) issuing scientific journals (“Bulletin of PSU” (in 7 series), “Science and Technology of Kazakhstan”, “Local History” (the periodicity: 4 issues per year), monographs (by fields), dictionaries, booklets, bulletins and other printed materials.

Electronic versions of scientific journals “Science and Technology of Kazakhstan”, “Local History”, “Bulletin of PSU” (in 7 series) are posted on the University portal and on the website


The main functions of the publishing house “Toraighyrov University” are:

1) issuing monographs, abstracts, educational, scientific and other literature and printed blanks in accordance with the orders of the University;

2) publishing journals, newsletters, materials, conference collections held at the University;

3) monitoring the main and auxiliary processes;

4) providing сounselling and methodological services in publication of printed products to deans, the library and other structural units of the University;

5) image editing and illustrating publications in order to ensure their high-quality printing performance.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, the publishing house “Toraighyrov University” presented 1765 programs and published 3445 collections of scientific conferences, it also supported events held by S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University.

Issuing of educational literature is carried out according to the plan approved at the beginning of the academic year by Rector of the University, outside of the plan (by official letter) and under the contract (accompanied by the necessary documents).


In publishing includes:

Incoming Orders and Multimedia Services Division

Publications Pre-printing Preparation Division


Contact details:

Pavlodar, Lomov str, 64

MAB, Room 137

тел. 8-7182-673669 (ext. 1147)


Site: PSU Bulletin