The head of the Incoming Orders and Multimedia Services Division - Zauresh Sabyrbekovna Iskakova


The Division performs:

• acceptance and execution of orders for reproduction of blanks;

• acceptance of orders for publication of scientific, educational and methodological literature;

• acceptance of articles for publication in scientific journals;

• provision of counselling services to authors and editorial boards of scientific journals.

The main tasks of the Division are:

1) organization and implementation of works related to educational and scientific publishing activities of the University;

2) implementation of measures aimed at ensuring a high quality of printing products;

3) acceptance of orders for production of scientific, educational, educational and methodological reference books, abstracts, conference materials, scientific journals, blanks;

4) maintenance of documentation and preparation of reports on the activities of the Division.

The main functions of the Division are:

1) issuing scientific and educational literature in accordance with orders of the educational and methodological association of the University and the established order of the annual plan of scientific and educational literature;

2) providing consulting and methodological services in publication of printed products to deans, the library and other structural units of the University;

3) developing measures for production and sale of printed products and provision of demand-driven services;

4) setting up publication of monographs, abstracts, educational, methodological and scientific literature, conference materials, blanks.


Employees of department


Marina Aleksandrovna Shreyder, specialist 

Aisulu Kumuranovna Bainikenova, specialist 

Asel Kairgeldinovna Temirgalinova, specialist 


Location of the center:

Pavlodar, 64 Lomova St.,

Main Academic Building of Pavlodar State University, room.137

tel. 8-7182-673669 (1147)