Head of the department

Aliya Maratovna Satybaldina


Students Philharmonic Society has been arranged and functioned successfully since 2001. This is a branch of the department for social issues and educational work.

The main aims of Students Philharmonic Society are organization, control and regulation of university cultural and leisure activity.

Students’ creative formations are turned to the raise of students’ personality general culture by means of getting acquainted with the achievements of world and national culture, to the forming the needs of healthy lifestyle, aesthetic upbringing of talented students.

Students from all faculties of Pavlodar State University and from PSU college are busy in creative collectives. For stable and fruitful work 4 collectives are awarded the honorable title “the National” by Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

They are the Kazakh folk music instruments orchestra named after Estay, headed by the RK Honoured worker of culture “Madeniyet kairatkery” T.B. Karimov, the modern dance studio “Ak erke”, art leader A.R. Kadyrbaeva, group of the modern dancing “Jam”, art leader R.Umarbekov, the vocal studio “Yertys zhuldyzdary”, art leader Pigovayeva N.Yu., pop song studio “Shabyt”, vocal-instrumental ensemble, students’ theatre where the plays are performed in the Kazakh language by the non-Kazakh students, mixed choir where some students and graduates of PSU sing in public. (about 20 collectives and formations).

In connection with the opening of students’ assembly as a branch office of Assembly of Kazakhstan’s people the possibilities were offered for the students of different nationalities to study their native languages, to learn their customs and traditions by means of visiting schools of national revival, youth national cultural centers, taking part in the competitions and festivals of folk creation.

Students taking part in all these collectives and youth organizations also participate in cultural mass activities of PSU. For the developing of students’ creative abilities, for finding out the most talented students and for the upbringing of patriotic feelings among the juveniles, the festivals, students youth competitions: festival “Students’ spring”, “Yertys juldyzdary”, “PSU SuperStar”, the festival “Jas tolkyn”, competition of concert leaders and readers, contest of akyns and a lot of other activities are held annually.


Contact data:

Pavlodar city, Lomov Street, 64

Main building, office 223

Tel. 8-7182-673681 (extension 148)


Employees fylarmonyy

Yerbol Khamitovich Aytbayev - soloist

Meyram Assylbekovich Kabassov - control-panel operator

Nurlan Bakhytovich Kayshanov - music director

Zhibek Meyramovna Dosmukhambetova - Head of the Wardrobe Department

Olesya Yuzikovna Pigovayeva - assistant producer

Nurzhan Akhmetbekovich Sarkambayev - soloist

Rulat Kaiyrgeldinovich Umarbekov - choreographer

Mira Beysembayevna Utelbayeva - choreographer

Amankeldy Khadyr - assistant producer


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