Leader: Aityshev Daniyar Daurenovich

Tel.8-700-355-90-70, 8-777-39-99-143

Student Ombudsman and the leader of AC PSU S. Toraigyrov


• Consolidation of the active students around the idea of  independent Kazakhstan.

• The direction of energy young Kazakhs in a constructive direction.

• Implementation of the cult of knowledge among students.


• Creation of consolidating the National Movement of Kazakhstan able to solve the pressing problems of students and to improve the quality of education in universities and colleges of the country.


• Expand the audience of students of the Alliance of Kazakhstan.

• Education of Kazakh youth, knowledge of  the language, history, culture and traditions of Kazakhstan.

• Exit at the international level, cooperation with student organizations and abroad.


Active participants in public life of the university are members of the university students of Kazakhstan Cell Alliance (ASA) - a national student movement, uniting more than 30,000 students in 107 higher educational institutions. The main objectives of the movement are  to protect the rights and interests of students, as well as assist the State in improving the quality of national higher education.

ASK is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science is collaborating with the Council of Rectors of Kazakhstan in the framework of the signed agreement.

Activists  of ASA attract their peers to participate in various promotions and contests such as: "How are you, a student?", "Do you eat enough ,student?", "Youth in favour of good deeds" to the Day of Elderly People, "Life Without Drugs", "Healthy Youth - healthy holiday "competition" Volunteer Initiative ", etc.

Since July 2005, under the auspices of the ASA Pavlodar held an action "Clean Coast" beach cleaning   the left bank of the Irtysh River, in an annual participation of university students who are ready to invest part of his work for the benefit of his native city and the surrounding nature.

Surely most of us remember  the grand rally "This is our flag!" the idea of which belongs to the ASA. The first city in which it was held was Astana. Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan in size is 10x20 feet (200 m2) visited the cities of our country. The flag arrived in Pavlodar on October 3. It was really a magnificent sight: a huge canvas, and hundreds of young people marching single column, united by one great purpose - to show that they - the patriots of their country.

By organizing such actions as "My Kazakhstan", "This is our flag," "This is our anthem!" activists of ASA not only aim to promote education of patriotism in young people, but they give something more - a sense of belonging to the history of their country that young people contribute to it.

To celebrate  the Victory Day and the Day of Defender activists of Alliance of  students of  Kazakhstan together with student  philharmonic of PSU named after S.Toraigyrov   conducted a  concert for soldiers and officers of the military unit number 5512 located in our city.

On Children's Day June 1, 2006 ASA-EASURES visited houses  for orphans and children left without parental care in Pavlodar. They gave them books and toys collected during the month of an action "Help a child!".

But life of ASA members  does not mean to take  part in activities and programs, it also implies  a fascinating joint vacation, discos, CFC  training seminars and trainings, summer and winter camps.

In August 2006  over 70 representatives from areas of  north-eastern region  rested in a holiday home "Bayantau" of  PSU named after S.Toraygyrov, which hosted  a regional camp for a week. On the base of the camp activists ASA from different cities had many interesting and useful training (theme: "Teamwork", "Fundraising  to attract sponsors for stock, etc.), seminars, sports events,  were able to make friends and learn more about each other and just have fun and enjoy their holiday! 


Location: Pavlodar, street Lomova 64, office 119a