Chairman: Tilek Kaiyrkanuly Masalim, specialist of the Division of Education and Social Affairs.

 Objective: legal and social protection of students, organization of leisure and recreation for students.

Tasks: introduction, realization and protection of interests of students through the development of students activity and their participation in the management of various spheres of university life; development of artistic creativity, conducting cultural and educational, sports and recreation activities.

Activities: the Students Union is actively involved in organization of legal and social protection of students, organization of their leisure activities. The Union consists of 5 committees:

  • Academic Committee;
  • Catering Committee;
  • Sports and Recreation Committee;
  • Mass Cultural Committee;
  • Editorial Board.

According to the work plan of the Students Union of S. Toraighyrov PSU for the 2012-2013 academic year approved by the Rector of the University, the following events were held: the Health Day, a ten-day event of student self-government, Til Shibery contest, Aitys among university students of Pavlodar region, participation in Kazakhstan in My Heart patriotic event, a ten-day event of Kindness and Warmth, We Are Proud of You event dedicated to the Teachers' Day, the Matriculation, Anticorruption ten-day event, I Am a Patriot campaign, events dedicated to International Students' Day, World AIDS Day, My Motherland Kazakhstan patriotic campaign, student talent show, the Day of the National Cuisine, We Choose Healthy Lifestyles, etc.

The Students Union of the University works in close cooperation with various organizations of the city, such as the Office for Youth Policy of Pavlodar region, Youth for a Healthy Lifestyle, Youth Maslikhat, etc. It also conducts events of various formats: reduced-price film shows for students, discos, football, bowling and billiards championships, Counter Strike competitions, exhibitions, the Examination Session without Bribes campaign, opinion polls, Club of the Funny and Inventive, etc.