Chairman of the Committee for Matters Concerning Young Persons: Akbota Maratkyzy Sarybai - group MMet-12p, graduate student of the Faculty of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport.

She graduated from S.Toraighyrov PSU majoring Technological machinery and equipment. From 2014 to 2016 was holder of the "President scholarship." Authorised delegate of the candidate for presidency of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev of the regional staff (2015); Member of city branch of PDP "Nur Otan" (2015); Authorised delegate of the party "Nur Otan" regional staff (2016); Participant of the III Congress of Zhas Otan "Zhastar Otanga" (2015); Member of the Scientific Council of PSU. 

One of the first searcher of student search group "Panfilovshylar" of S.Toraighyrov PSU (Moscow, Volokolamsk village, Dubosekovo crossing point, April - May 2016). Graduate school of leaders "Zhastar dauysy". Five-time winner of the rector's letter of thanks; thank you letter from the management of youth policy for the contribution to the development of youth policy. Winner of the nomination "The best manager", "Uzdik Speaker".


The committee focused on the implementation of youth policy and the development of all-round for its implementation measures.


 - Participation in the organization and improvement of the educational process in the groups and in the university as a whole by activity.

 - Formation in student collectives environment of creativity, mutual aid.

- Participation in the organization of scientific - research work of students.

- Participation in the organization and conduct of competitions, scientific conferences.

- Participation in the organization of shows, competitions for directions.

- Coordination of the activitiy of public organizations of the University on the implementation of youth policy, the timely solution of the problems of youth.

- Interaction with the higher authorities, youth organizations on issues related to the practical and relevant solutions of youth problems.

Main functions

Committee for Matters Concerning Young Persons (in accordance with the assigned tasks) performs the following functions:

- Conduct work on the full realization of youth policy at the university;

- Ensure that the rights, the duties set out in the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Concept of the state youth policy of Kazakhstan";

- Coordinates and controls all the youth organizations that exist in the university;

- Organizes the work to implement the decisions of higher authorities, the administration;

- Carries out the selection of personnel and assets for divisions Committee;

- Plans to work of the committee, its departments, monitors the implementation of its units plans;

- Studies, generalizes and disseminates the best practices of youth work, improving the style, forms and methods of its activities;

- In the established order is in communication with the units of the student self-administration universities, as well as youth organizations and higher-level agencies;

- Participates in the organization of research work of students;

- Conducts scientific conferences, competitions, parades, contests for the best training group.

Committee for Matters Concerning Young Persons is granted the right

- To hear at its meetings of representatives of the student deans and student activists;

- To represent young people in the university administration, the academic council, the selection committee, to defend the interests and problems of youth;

- To liaise with the committees on youth affairs of other universities;

- To petition the university administration about the material and moral encouragement of youth or disciplinary measures;

- Make suggestions to the university administration to improve the work with the student youth;

- Use in the ongoing work of all the necessary data (within its competence), which has a training unit.