Director: Aizhan Muratқyzy Қozhabayeva 

Faculty: Faculty of State administration, Business and Law, second course, economist

- Champion of the East Kazakhstan region in volleyball, winner of various intellectual competitions, graduated from music school, has been awarded a letter of gratitude on behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as a special medal from the akim for contribution to the development of sports science and its district

About the organization:


- The formation of the necessary conditions for the solution of the problems of the university students to protect their rights and interests;

- Realization of civil, cultural, sporting, scientific, educational, charitable, administrative and social initiatives;

- Creation of conditions for comprehensive development, education and full self-realization of young people;

- Protection of rights and legal interests of young people, to assist in the resolution of disputes and conflicts.


- formation intercultural and inter-ethnic harmony;

- The development of young people's intellectual potential;

- The formation of an anti-corruption culture among young people;

- Promoting healthy lifestyles among young people;

- The organization and the involvement of young people in the cultural, scientific, economic, sporting and educational activities;

- to create conditions for young people to communicate and share experiences, conduct activities aimed at the development of mutual support

Activitiy: cultural, sports, recreational, scientific, educational, economic and social activities that take place intervolved with politics.