Head: Asiya Mukasheva, a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Finance and Economics.

Objectives: consolidation of active students based the idea of an independent Kazakhstan; directing the energy of young people of our Republic to a meaningful activity; introduction of the cult of knowledge among students.

Tasks: increasing the number of members of Kazakhstan Students Alliance; teaching the language, history, culture and traditions of Kazakhstan to the youth; entering the international level; cooperation with student organizations located abroad.

Activities: Kazakhstan Student Alliance members actively participate in the University life. The Alliance is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and it works in close cooperation with Council of Rectors of RK Universities. Active members of the Alliance encourage students to participate in such events as “How Are You, Students?”, “What Do You Eat, Students?”, “The Youth for Good Deeds” (dedicated to the Day of Older Persons), “Life without Drugs”, “Healthy Leisure for Healthy Youth”, Competition of “Volunteer Initiatives”, etc.

By means of organizing such events as “My Kazakhstan”, “This is Our Flag!”, “This is Our Anthem!”, the Alliance activists contribute to development of patriotism, sense of belonging to their country's history which is now written by young people.