Head: Ayman Fayzullovna Zeynulina, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of the Kazakh Language.

Objectives: moral education of girls in folk traditions taking into account the current situation.

Tasks: correct explanation of religious approaches and the role of women in religion.

Activities: the Club helps create a discussion platform to address various aspects of the relationship of religion and women from positions of social and political sciences, to assist young people in obtaining the correct information about the basics of religions and the formation of religious consciousness corresponding to the traditions and cultural norms of secular society. Active work is carried out with the Club members in the field of clarifying religious approaches, the role of women in religion. The girls who enter this club will share the acquired knowledge with their friends. The problem of the role of women in religion is not a well studied issue - research activity in this field only begins. In order to improve knowledge of this subject, forums and discussions with participation of authorized and competent persons will be held on a regular basis.