Director: Kusmanova Madina Shalkarovna

Faculty of Chemical Technologies and Natural Sciencies, G-401, 4th year

Thank-you letter from the Dean of the Faculty for a good performance in studying; 2nd place in the international research conference “XV Satpayev readings"; thank you letter from the management of youth policy for the contribution to the development of youth policy in the city; Three-time winner of the thank-you letter from the rector of the treasure in the life of the university.

Goals and objectives:

- Attracting students to participate the development of proposals to improve the quality of the educational process in view of scientific and professional interests of students;

- Protection and representation of the rights and interests of students;

- Detection of students' social problems;

- Help in finding of organizational and leadership skills of students;

- Democratization of Students of the University community;

- Development of creative activity of students and social sustainability;

-The Development of social and educational activity of the university youth;

- Education of patriots and future leaders;


Student Soviet special form of initiative, self-re- sponsible social activities of students to address the important issues of life of students, development of its social activity.