Head: Zhaudat Shamilyevich Ableyev, Chairman of the Sunkar Sports Club.


1. Development of the sports and recreational infrastructure at S. Toraighyrov PSU through modernization and reconstruction of existing sports facilities, construction of new objects based on model projects, equipping them with sports inventory and equipment available for everyone.

2. Stimulating students and staff members to do physical exercises on a daily basis by involving them in various competitions, sports and recreational events held by the University and aimed at increasing the number of people involved in mass sports.

3. Improving the competitiveness of PSU athletes and coaches in national and international competitions through implementation of effective sports technologies, modernization of the system of methodological, medical and logistical support, improving the system of selection of talented athletes, holding sporting events, thus raising athletes' skills, improving the quality of training and achievements.


- ensuring the desired level of physical development, readiness and personal improvement, strengthening people's health and preparing them for professional activities;

- providing opportunities for young people to unite into groups, teams, organizations, and unions for joint sports activities;

- creating conditions for sports activities, thus enabling opportunities for self-development of students, stimulating their creative abilities, self-cognition, self-assertion, self-development, and development of individual talents;

- expanding students’ knowledge in the field of physical education and sports, teaching them to use this knowledge while doing physical exercises and in their professional activities;

- providing students with upgraded sports facilities and equipment in accordance with international standards;

- increasing the number of students and staff members who do sports regularly to 20 per cent, with the minimum number of 500 students per month;

- contribute to training highly-skilled athletes, reserve for national teams.

Activities: Sunkar is a nonprofit organization that was created on the initiative of the students and staff of Pavlodar State University for the organization of sporting events aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and improving students' skills in sports. The Club employs 17 coaches in 14 sports who hold over 50 events covering more than 2,000 students. Special attention is paid to holding sports events for veterans and faculty. All sporting sections and clubs are entirely financed by the University, so there are no fees for membership.