Directions of activity

Coordination of activity at a regional (inter-regional) level under the program of informatizaton of Kazakhstan Republic, its adaptation to the interests of education.

Development, realization and support of the projects forming integrated information-educational space of a higher education system.

Preparation (postgraduate education), professional retraining and advanced training of the teaching staff in the field of  ICT training use, scientific and organizational activity.

Development of pedagogical software, electronic training courses for distant learning in the university, a commodity output in the field of informatizaton of education according to the orders of educational institutions.

Carrying out of fundamental and applied scientific researches in the field of ICT’s multiple use in education.

Formation and conducting of information regional resources in the field of education and culture, professional databases and knowledge.

Performance of the functions of the regional center as an integrated information-telecommunication network of education and science of Kazakhstan Republic.




The main goals and objectives

  • Implementation of an integrated state policy of informatizaton the education;
  • Support and coordination of ICT’s multiple use in the field of education;
  • Development of electronic educational editions of the university;
  • Creation of information-educational network of S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University;
  • Formation of high information culture in S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University and spread it in the region through the prepared highly skilled specialists.


Structure of the Department

  1. Open university
  2. Division of information technologies implementation
  3. Division of technical support
  4. The Student Services Center



Location of the office:

Pavlodar, Lomov street, 64 

Tel.: +7(7182) 673633