Fields of Fundamental and Applied Research

State budget-funded research projects:

Title of the research project: “The Study of Specific Features of Ecology, Modern State and Anthropogenic Dynamics of Population of Hunting-fishing Species of Mammals in Central Kazakhstan”, supervised by Professor N.T.

International grant projects:

Kazakh-German-Mongolian research project “Restoration of Forests and Biodiversity on the Border of the Forest Steppe in the Mountains of Altay and Khangay under the Influence of Changes in Livestock Population in Kazakhstan and Mongolia”. K. Ulykpan, B.Z. Zhumadilov, U.D. Burkitabayeva, undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty also participate in implementation of this project.


Contractual research projects:

1. Scientific supervisor: Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor K.K. Akhmetov carried out expert evaluation of 12 grant projects devoted to Forest Protection and Reforestation ordered by Forestry and Hunting Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture of RK.

2. Lectures and testing within the professional development program for categories 5-6 process unit operators of Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant JSC.

Independent research projects:

1. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Zh.M. Isimbekov, Development of Measures for Protection of Animals from Bloodsucking Diptera in the North-East of Kazakhstan. The project is performed in cooperation with members of Semipalatinsk State University named after Shakarim (O.N. Akhmetzhanov, K.M. Zharmashev, F.S. Nasyrov, and T.K. Makatov). The results of the research have been implemented in the learning process of S. Toraighyrov PSU and Shakarim SGU.

2. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Zh.M. Isimbekov, Veterinary and Sanitary Measures Reducing Severity of Parasitocenosis and Obtaining Environmentally Safe Products of Red Deer. The project is performed under the order from the Ministry of Agriculture of RK in cooperation with members of Semipalatinsk State University named after Shakarim.

3. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor K.K. Akhmetov, Functional-morphological and Electron-microscopic Study of Tissues, Cells and Subcellular Structures of Trematodes of Various Environmental Groups.

4. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor K.K. Akhmetov, Development of Technology for the Use of the Baktitsid Preparation Produced by Sibbiofarm LLC and Its Effect on the Biting Midges Larvae under the Conditions of Rivers.

5. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Zh.M. Isimbekov, Theoretical Substantiation and Development of the Program for Protection of Animals and Birds from Midges, Zoophilous Flies, Mites and Arachnomyiosis Pathogens Adapted to the Conditions of the North-east of Kazakhstan.

6. Associate Professor A.V. Ubaskin, Biological Substantiation of Evaluating the Inventory of Artemia (CRUSTACEA, ANOSTRACA) in Reservoirs of Pavlodar Region; Biological Substantiation for Stoking Young Siberian Sturgeons in the Irtysh River.

7. Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor R.Sh. Yerkasov, Development of Scientific Bases in Obtaining Mixed-ligand Coordination Compounds of D-metal Salts with Protonated Amides. He studied heterogeneous equilibrium in quaternary complex systems at 250 C.

9. Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Professor F.P. Paramonova, Making an Installation for Amorphization of Substances (under supervision); Monitoring of Drinking Water Quality in Pavlodar.

10. Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor M.A. Suleymenov, Catalytic Technologies in Oil Refining.

11. Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor R.A. Amriyev, Radical Reactions of Haloaliphatic Compounds.

12. Doctor of Geographic Sciences, Professor K.T. Saparov, Historical and Toponymic Research in Pavlodar Region.

13. Candidate of Geographic Sciences, Professor A.G. Tsaregorodtseva, Hydroecology of the Irtysh River Valley (under supervision).

14. Senior lecturer M.A. Alkeyev, Recreational Resources of Pavlodar Region.

15. Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor Yu.A. Mastobayev, members of the Department of Physical Education and Sport, The Effect of Physical Training on the Physical Fitness of S. Toraighyrov PSU Students; Study of the Physical Fitness of Core Academic Departments and Special Medical Groups.

Certificates of implementation of research results into the production. There are 3 test certificates and 5 implementation certificates for new means of animal protection from harmful insect by Batyrkhan peasant farm (Pavlodar region). Author: Isimbekov Zh.M. A series of tests of preparations against zoophilous flies, horse botflies, and midges have been conducted in Batyrkhan peasant farm (Bayanaul area, Pavlodar region). In particular, a series of tests was held to check the effectiveness of cattle and horses protection from insects using the Karate, Fury, Veterin preparations and the Veterinary repellent. These preparations have been actively used by the peasant farm with high protective and economic efficiency. Optimal concentrations, dosage, application ways and rate of using protective sprays for animals in the dry steppe zone of Bayanaul area were offered.

Senior lecturer M.A. Alkey received certificates of implementation of 7 maps of tourist and recreational resources of Pavlodar region (scale 1:1,000,000) from Department of Tourism, Physical Education and Sport of Pavlodar Region SI.

Certificates of research results implementation into the academic process:

1. Hazardous Arthropods for Deer (Arthropoda) (written in Kazakh, the original title: Маралға зиянды буынаяқтылар(Arthropoda)) - Zh.M. Isimbekov.

2. Diagnosis of Bloodsucking Diptera (written in Russian, the original title: Диагностика кровососущих двукрылых) - Zh.M. Isimbekov.

3. Comparative Structural and Functional Organization of the Reproductive Organs of Trematodes from Different Taxonomic Groups (Сравнительная структурная и функциональная организация репродуктивных органов трематод из различных таксономических групп) - D.V. Ponomarev.

4. Electronic Tutorial on the Basics of Tourist and Local History Work (Электронный учебник по основам туристско-краеведческой работы) - G.K. Kasenova.

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