Director of Yertis Science and Technology Park - Aleksey Sergeyevich Zvontsov.


Yertis Science and Technology Park was established at S. Toraighyrov PSU in 2005. Its main objective is organization of the University subjects of innovative activity ensuring effective implementation of the process of using the results of research and development aimed at the introduction of advanced scientific and technological potential of the University to the production, contribution to creation of new innovative productions, investment of scientific and technical research, and ensuring effective communication between research and educational structures of S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University and the real sector of the economy of the region and country.

Tasks: the use of new educational and innovative technologies, improvement of the scientific and methodological support of the educational process, improving the quality of specialists training and professional development of teachers in the field of innovation; introduction of the achievements of the domestic and global scientific and technological progress to the production; development and implementation of innovative projects and contribution to the creation of new innovative productions; complex support of innovative processes in such industries as power engineering, metallurgy, machine building, construction, transport, petrochemical production, biotechnology, ecology and other fields of science and technology determining the scientific and technological progress of the region; providing consulting services in choosing a marketing strategy, certification of products, patenting and protection of intellectual property rights.

Development prospects

 Modern architectural design, building structures, materials and technologies - analysis and design of buildings of any structural layout with the modeling of any operational and emergency loads; development of production technology of cementless binders and a wide range of concrete structures and products based on them; wide range of dry construction mixes based on the technogenic wastes of the region; decorative and finishing coatings imitating marble, granite, gabbro, etc.; effective road concrete based on mineral and organic binders.

Metallurgy: creation and development of advanced technologies in different fields of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy; improvement of the foundry and metal forming technology and equipment; study of the problems of complex use of metallurgical raw materials and secondary resources; preparation of raw materials for the production of refractory materials.

Modeling of economic processes: automation of making a feasibility study for innovative projects, business plans, accounting and financial reporting, evaluation of production and economic activity of industrial enterprises.

Biotechnology: the introduction of new advanced biotechnological developments in animal husbandry; providing assistance to breeding farms in directing the breeding process, improvement of reproduction and feeding; creating an experimental cattle farm with a collection herd.



Science and Technology Park staff members:

Erlan Perdekulovich Erimbetov

Azamat Kazbekovich Nurhanov

Rustam Rauilovich Orazbaev

Tokhtar Abdulkhairovich Sadvakasov