Scientific and Practical Center for Bioconversion


The Scientific and Practical Center for Bioconversion was established in December 2013.

The Center's objective is conducting work on elimination and recycling of organic waste using the vermicomposting technology involving composting earthworms. Therefore, the Center conducts research and practical work in the following areas:

- the study of the latest achievements in science and industry in the field of agriculture;

- provision of methodological assistance in improving the bio-agricultural work, reproduction of soil fertility in the region, recycling of organic waste and production of vermicompost;

- training, re-training and professional development of agricultural workers;

- preparation and publication of recommendation on bio-agricultural work, reproduction of soil fertility and the bioconversion of agricultural and urban organic waste;

- conducting research in the field of bioconversion of organic waste and the production of vermicompost bio-fertilizer, the use of bio-fertilizers in agriculture, improving soil fertility, improving soil quality, introduction of bio-fertilizers in crop-farming and improving the quality of crops, improving the technology of vermicompost production, vermicomposting and vermicultivation of earthworms;

- establishment of research laboratories in waste bioconversion and determination of the main characteristics of waste and vermicompost;

- development of patents in bioconversions;

- carrying out work on certification of bioconversions laboratory.

The Center has 1 Head, 1 research fellow and 1 laboratory assistant. Undergraduate and postgraduate students also take an active part in the Center's activities as a part of the work on their graduation theses.

Members of the Department are involved in the implementation of projects under the MES Program for Target Development of University Science Focused on Innovative Result. Title of the project: Using of Vermicompost for Soil Fertility Recovery on Irrigated Lands.


Members of the Scientific and Practical Center for Bioconversion