Gulzhan Yeleshovna Zhakauova

Position: Librarian category 1 the highest level of qualification 
Education: higher, South Kazakhstan Humanitarian University named after M. Auyezov, an academic degree in Cultural Recreational Activities and Organization of Art Work (1996)
Professional experience: 28 years, including 12 years at S. Toraighyrov PSU.
Certificates: professional development courses: Users of Personal Electronic Computer (2005), Records Management in Official Language (2003), Records Management in Official Language (2006).
Awards: Letter of appreciation (commemorating the 15th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan), Diploma for a Worthy Contribution to the Public Life of S. Toraighyrov PSU
Publications: Жакауова Г. Е. Бижан Жұмасейіт Қоғабайұлының Оқу құралы «Журналист шығармашылығындағы жаңа инновациялық технологиялар»//Білік, 2014 ж.