Learning Support Activities

In accordance with the quality objectives of the Faculty and its Departments, a significant improvement of the level of the activities on learning process support has been achieved. Teaching complexes in the Russian and Kazakh languages have been made for all programs offered by the Departments. Catalogs of elective disciplines are systematically updated to reflect the latest changes in market conditions and recommendations from employers.

All departments of the Faculty have made methodological complexes for their disciplines; they are available for students at the information portal of PSU.

In order to evaluate the quality of teaching, teaching staff members regularly give open lessons and hold peer-reviewed examinations of the lessons taught by other members of the Faculty.

Evaluation of learning achievements of students is carried out using the score-rating system in the form of ongoing monitoring of students' progress and final examination (during the examination period).

The Faculty monitors attendance of classes by Bachelor's and Master's degree students, performs analysis of midterm and final examinations of students, the results of which are used for taking preventive and corrective measures.

Starting from year 1, students go through curricular and industrial practical trainings in order to consolidate their theoretical knowledge and get practical experience in their respective fields. Such practical trainings are held at state institutions, leading companies, banks and organizations of the region.

Students and members of the Faculty actively participate in the Academic Mobility program, which implies students and teachers / researchers in higher education moving to another institution inside or outside their own country to study or conduct a research for a limited time (a semester or academic year). The credits for the courses studied during this period are transferred to the educational institution in student's homeland.

Both external (international) and internal (national) academic mobility modes are available for our students. External mobility implies studying at foreign education institutions, while internal mobility provides an opportunity to study at the leading universities of Kazakhstan.