The Acting Director of the Department for facilities administration  Askar Tazhibayevich Shaymerdenov .


Economic unit realizes the following tasks:

1. Provision with normal work conditions in all education bodies of university.

2. Provision with execution of plans of university development.

3. Organization of works on exploitation and maintenance of establishments and buildings in suitable condition for exploitation in accordance with rules and requirements of СНиПа.

4. Provision with improvement of university territory.

Economic activity of university executes the following functions:

1. Working out and affirmation of the plan of reconstruction of major and current repairs of establishments and buildings, engineer-technical services for official year.

2. Working out and affirmation of estimate-technical documentation for repair-building works.

3. Execution of plan of preparing the establishments and constructions for heating time.

4. Creation of normal sanitary state in education establishments, laboratories workshops and Student’s house.

5. Provision with normal conditions for vital activity (heating, light and other) in all education auditoriums, laboratories and Student’s house

6. Working out and inculcation of quality management system on economic activity and labour safety management at PSU named after S.Toraigyrov

7. Perfection of calculation system and keeping of inventory holdings.

8. Provision with condition of fireproof safety.

9. Provision with transportation of goods on demands of the all departments of university.

10. Provision with protection of university stocks of materials and capital equipment.

11. Provision with normal functioning of communications facilities and university signaling.

12. Provision with household equipment, instruments, building materials and other goods, necessary for work.


Structure of the Department  



Pavlodar city, 64, Lomov str