Research Work and Students’ Research Activities

Professor K.K. Akhmetov is a supervisor of the research group responsible for implementation of the following projects: Biological Control of the Number of Biting Midges in the River of Irtysh Using Baktitsid Preparation; Development of a Technology for the Use of Biological Preparation "Baktitsid" to Reduce the Number of Biting Midges (Sibbiopharm JSC, Barnaul, Russia); Study of Biological Characteristics of Common Mole Cricket (Grylotalpa Gryllotalpa); Performing Ecological Evaluation by Means of Assessing Environmental Impact and Auditing Environmental Protection Measures; Studies of Morphological and Functional Features of Tissue and Cellular Mechanisms of Adaptations of the Trematoda Class Parasitic Flatworms.

Professor U. Kaman supervises the project entitled "Restoration of Forests and Biodiversity on the Border the Forest Steppe in the Mountains of Altay and Khangay under the Influence of Changes in Livestock Population in Kazakhstan and Mongolia" in cooperation with Albrecht von Haller Institute of Botany, Georg August University of Goettingen (Germany). Doctoral degree students of the Department U.D. Burkitbayeva, S. Toleutayev, and Sh. Zhantlesova are also involved in the project.

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Biology and Ecology A.B. Kaliyeva received the Daryn-2012 State Youth Award from the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the nomination of Science (December 28, 2012).

In June 2013, the Accrediting Commission of ACQUIN (Germany) issued a certificate confirming successful completion of accreditation of the Business-cluster educational programs (specialty 5B090200 Tourism) offered by S. Toraighyrov PSU.

Subjects of students' graduation works and projects are based on the Department's areas of research and cover a wide range of problems; topicality of graduation theses and projects is discussed with specialists from the companies where students pass their industrial practice. New methods and technologies for collection of material are used in preparing graduation theses and projects. Best Bachelor and Master students have an opportunity to continue their education and enter Master's and Doctoral degree programs respectively.

In November and December of 2012, University students participated in the First International Youth Innovative Forum in the Field of Ecology, Tourism and Business “In Kaz” which was held under the program of the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan celebration on November 28, 2012: Stanislav Voloshin (Tur-302) took the first place in “The Best Idea in the Field of Tourism” nomination for the project “Hotel of the Future” (Scientific supervisor: senior lecturer of the Department of Geography and Tourism G.K. Kasenova); Batesh Nurkhamitova took the first place in "The Best Idea in the Field of Ecology" nomination with the project “Complex Solution of the Solid Domestic Waste Problem in Pavlodar”.

Daniyar Salikhov from KhTOV-402 won the National Student Olympiad in Chemical Technology of Organic Substances which was held in April 2013 in Al-Farabi KazNU, Almaty.

All members of the academic staff of the Faculty take part in performing various independent research projects.

Key research areas:

• study of the biology, ecology and phenology of midges and mosquitoes to develop measures against biting insects;

• preservation and restoration of biodiversity in the Irtysh river floodplain;

• developing a framework of the Irtysh River water programs;

• cellular, tissue mechanisms of adaptation of parasitic flatworms to the conditions of existence;

• study of the conformational states of liquid-crystalline compounds;

• radical reactions of iodineliphatic compounds;

• environmental and geo-environmental aspects of transboundary water resources management of the Irtysh River;

• reproduction of fertility and ecological functions of soils;

• biology and rhythms of plant development;

• remediation of soils contaminated with petroleum products;

• recovery of ash dump and post-industrial lands with restoration of the natural self-sustaining landscape;

• toponymy of Pavlodar region;

• improvement of environmental education quality at the preschool and school levels, development of environmental culture in educational institutions;

The total sum of funding for the research projects performed by the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Natural Sciences in 2012 amounted to KZT 26,300,000, that is KZT 417,460 per one permanent academic staff member.