Material and Technical Resources

Only the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology has specialized training laboratories. Departments of Biology and Ecology, Geography and Tourism have classrooms for teaching special subjects; the Department of Physical Education and Sport has a sports hall and a complex of training facilities located in the territory of the University Stadium. In order to make the learning process closer to the industrial conditions, departments of the Faculty have established its branches at companies and organizations of our region. The number of these branches increased from 4 in 2010 to 8 in 2012.

A unique International Dendrochronology Laboratory was established at PSU in 2012. It was equipped with unique devices under the international project (Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Germany) and under the funded projects of the Faculty.

Students have their curricular and industrial practice in the territory of Bayan-Aul National Park, regional and municipal committees on environmental protection, land and forest resources, laboratories and departments of environmental protection at the oil refinery and aluminum factories.

The Faculty of Chemical Technology and Natural Sciences has 48 long-term contracts with such companies and institutions as:

  1. Pavlodar Regional Center for Sanitary Epidemiological Expertise JSC
  2. Department of Tourism, Physical Culture and Sports;
  3. Aksu Ferroalloy Plant - Branch of TNK Kazkhrom JSC;
  4. Aluminium of Kazakhstan JSC;
  5. Caustic JSC;
  6. KSP Steel LLP;
  7. Casting LLP;
  8. Neftekhim LTD LLP;
  9. Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant JSC;
  10. Education Department of Pavlodar SI;
  11. Specialized children's and youth schools.