Educational Activities at the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy

the 2015-2016 academic year

Educational activities are carried out by the Department according to the plan in the following areas:

1) providing assistance in organizing and conducting educational, corrective and preventive events with students of the Department;

2) prevention of drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV (PS-302, 102, PiP-102, 302, Azh-201, SR-102, SR-102(s)) (September);

3) promotion of healthy lifestyles (PS-302, 102, PiP-102, 302, Azh-201, SR-102, SR-102(s)) (September);

4) prevention of religious extremism and violence (event for curators of year 1 students) (November);

5) organizing and conducting socio-psychological trainings (PS-302, 102, PiP-102, 302, Ps-401, Ps-101, PzhP-201) (October-November);

6) self-education and self-development aiming to improve the level of provision of social, psychological, and educational assistance.

All planned events have been conducted.

1. Curatorial hour devoted to the Day of Knowledge for the 1st year students (September).

2. Work day, cleaning the University territory, year 1-3 students (September-October).

3. Hike in the floodplain of Usolka on the Health Day for year 1 students (September).

4. Social event at Diagnostic Center SI, students of groups Sr-102, 402, Azh-201, 301 (October).

5. Curatorial hour "Live and Prosper, My Kazakhstan" devoted to the Day of the Republic for year 1-4 students.

6. The Social Worker Day intellectual show (SR-102, SR-102(s), SR-402, Azh-301, Azh-201, Azh-101) (October).

7. The Department offers consultations to graduating students on studying a master’s degree.

8. During the year, the organization of curatorial hour devoted to the implementation of "Religious extremism is the enemy of the true faith." Faculty, undergraduates and students.

9. Organization of photoroentgenographical medical examination of students during the year.

10. Curatorial hour “Caution: AIDS!”'.

11. Curatorial hour “Independent Kazakhstan”.

12. Curatorial hour “Birthday of the President of Kazakhstan”.