Curriculum Support and Development

Complexes of teaching materials for all courses have been developed by the leading academics of the Department. These complexes include work programs, lecture notes, tests, methodological materials for practical training sessions, laboratory works, courseworks and graduation projects, both in Kazakh and Russian. Academics of the Department published their own study guides in Metal-cutting Machines, Program Control Systems, and Quality Management Systems.

In 2013, Head of the Department Zh. Yksan published a Russian-Kazakh dictionary of terms and phrases in metrology, standardization and quality management (published by Evero LLP, Almaty). Associate Professors A. Denchik, G. Itybayeva, A. Kasenov and Senior Lecturer D. Iskakova wrote 7 study guides (published by Kereku, Pavlodar).

Photo 10 - Textbooks, study guides and training manuals published by academics of the Department and their inventor's certificates