Resources and Facilities

The Faculty has its own laboratories in the main building of the University.

There are specialized classrooms and laboratories for all programs offered by the Faculty:

- Laboratory of Special Issues of Fuel Combustion;

- Laboratory of Energy Conservation and Systems for Production and Distribution of Energy;

- Laboratory of Technical Thermodynamics and Heat-and-mass Transfer;

- Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Methods of Water Treatment and Fluid Dynamics;

- Laboratory of Blowers and Heat Engines;

- Laboratory of Heat Engineering Measurements and Control and the Theory of Automatic Control;

- Laboratory of Microprocessor Complexes in Control Systems;

- Laboratory of Engineering Systems Automation;

- Laboratory of Actuating Mechanisms of Automated Control Systems;

- Laboratory of Elements and Devices of Automation;

- Laboratory of Theory and Technology of Telecommunications;

- Laboratory of Circuit Theory and Electronics;

- Laboratory of Electromechanics and Electrical Equipment;

- Laboratory of Electrical Power Engineering;

- Laboratory of Overvoltage and Insulation in Electrical Installations.