Development of Faculty’s Resources and Facilities

Departments of the Faculty work on the formation of academic and research facilities taking into account the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy ('... to ensure development of the system of engineering education and modern educational programs with internationally recognized diplomas') and requirements of new state educational standards. In this regard, the Faculty established a scientific and practical center “Architecture, Construction and Research” based on the Rector's order. Thus, the activities of the Faculty are not limited to education only - its academic staff, undergraduate and graduate students are actively involved in research activities.

In the long-term perspective, the Faculty plans to concentrate all its learning and laboratory facilities in this structural unit (Scientific and Practical Center “Architecture, Construction and Research”).

The Center has already purchased the following software systems and equipment:

1. Color Xerox 7142P Engineering Printer;

2. Xerox Work Centre (A-3);

3. Epson Plotter (A-1);

4. AutoCad v. 2013, a licensed software complex;

5. SCAD Office version 11.5 design and computer system for the analysis of structures;

6. Alser Universal 424 (Intel Core i7) PCs.

Scientific and Practical Center “Architecture, Construction and Research” has:

1. Laboratories of the Faculty:

- Laboratory “Building Structures” (reinforced concrete structures, metal structures, thin-walled structures, composite shell);

- Laboratory “Building Materials and Products”;

- Laboratory “Transport Construction” (motor roads and railways);

- Laboratory of Engineering Systems and Equipment (water supply, heat supply, water drainage);

- Laboratory of Vocational Training (workshops);

- Laboratory “Architectural Lighting Technology and Acoustics”;

- Geotechnical Laboratory (shear apparatus, compression devices, stabilometers).

2. A computer classroom and software for the Department of Architecture and Design - 25 computers.

3. A complex of interactive equipment (interactive whiteboards, computers, software).

4. Specialized computer classrooms for students and academic staff with modern software.

5. Workshops for students majoring in Architecture, Design, Fine Arts and Drawing.