Achievements of the Faculty 


Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor A. K. Karakayev received an academic rank of the International Informatization Academy’s Member and Honored Inventor of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In June-July of 2015, the teaching staff members of the Faculty completed professional development certificate courses at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education in Astana, and the following teaching staff took professional development certificate courses abroad: R. B. Mukanov and A. Zh. Kassenov (Great Britain), M. M. Suyundikov (Scotland), S. Zh. Kenbeilova and A. K. Zhunussov (Japan), A. V. Bogomolov and G. T. Itybayeva (Singapore), under the State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Besides that, meetings with the following professors were held during the year: I. M. Tkachenko from the Polytechnic Institute of Valencia (Spain) and Ronny Berndtsson from Lund University (Sweden).

The research on the theme “Obtaining high-energy coal brick out of Ekibastuz coal using the know-how materials” funded for the 2015-2017 by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the amount of funding: KZT 15,000,000) is being carried out under scientific supervision of Ye. S. Abdrakhmanov (the principal investigator: P. O. Bykov) at the Department of Metallurgy.

The contractual research on the theme “Optimization of the route network of the public passenger transport of Pavlodar” was carried out at the Department of Transport Machinery and Logistics (the amount of funding: KZT 9,000,000) (Agreement No. 13 dated February 23, 2015) with participation of 90 students and 10 teaching staff members.

In December of 2014, MS, Senior Lecturer A. Zh. Taskarina successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation (specialization: Machine Building) at K. I. Satpayev Kazakh National Technical University. In March of 2015, she received degree confirmation from the Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Metallurgy A. V. Bogomolov was awarded a diploma and the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Medal.

A master’s degree student, Senior Lecturer A. N. Zhakupov became the 1st place prize winner of the Republican Competition “Parassat Zhas Ghalym”, having presented a project titled “Technology of highly-humid ferriferous silt processing for production of complex ferriferous and carboniferous materials for metallurgical processing”.

Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor of the Department of Machine Building and Standardization I. A. Shumeyko was awarded the badge “For Services to Science and the University” on the eve of Independence Day. 

The following members of the Faculty received awards on the eve of Independence Day: Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor A. N. Nurzhauov received the Y. Altynsarin Medal; Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor R. I. Serzhanov was awarded the medal of an Honorary Worker of Education; Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor A. V. Bogomolov received the S. Toraighyrov Gold Medal.

Professor V. V. Ryndin won 1st place among the teaching staff members and employees of the University in the ski race dedicated to M. M. Vorkunov. 

The PSU team supervised by R. B. Mukanov became the national first runner-up at the ENACTUS EXPO 2015 and was awarded a cup for 2nd place in the final stage, a statuette for 1st place in the semifinal and valuable gifts.

Four students of the Faculty, D. Zh. Mazhimova, B. R. Mussaipova, A. M. Sarybay and A. Yergibayev, won the Presidential Scholarship. 

A. B. Yergibayev, a third-year student of Mzh-301 won the grand prize of the VII National Student Olympiad in Physics. 

Kabir Ghalymzhan won the 2014 Student of the Year Republican Competition in the Patriot of the Year category.

Khakim Kairgeldy, a student of the Department of Metallurgy, won a bronze medal at the World Kickboxing Championship held in Rimini, Italy.

Rizat Bolat, an undergraduate student of the Department of Metallurgy, won the national competition for scholarships from the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Nation.

In the current 2014-2015 academic year the following foreign scientists were invited to deliver lectures under the Foreign Scientist Attraction Program: Miroslav Svitek, Ph.D., Professor of Czech Technical University (the Czech Republic); Marek Mezitis, Ph.D., Professor of Riga Technical University (Latvia); M. V. Shaldybin, Candidate of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences, Professor of Tomsk State Polytechnic University (Russia).

The Faculty’s undergraduate and postgraduate students studied abroad under the external academic mobility program: students of the Ms-302, Ye. Yelemessov, A. Ospantayev, A. Panarina, studied at Lublin University of Technology during the 5th semester of the Bachelor in 5В071200 Machine Building (Lublin, Poland); 3 students of the Mt-301 majoring in 5В070900 Metallurgy (Malika Hussainova, Farida Zhanabay, Aynagul Orazalina) studied at University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (Bulgaria) and a master’s degree student A. D. Suleymenov completed training at Czech Technical University in Prague (the Czech Republic) (from October 07, 2014 to December 30, 2014) under the academic mobility program.

The teaching staff of the Faculty received 20 innovation patents, published over 132 scholarly papers, including those published in 11 journals with non-zero impact factor and 11 journals recommended by the Committee of MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

According to the admissions committee’s decision, 287 students were enrolled in the programs offered by the Faculty, including 90 students under the Serpyn Program, 56 master’s degree students (a full-time course of study) and 49 students (taking distance learning courses).