Academic Staff’s Research Activities

Members of the Department are actively involved in independent research projects, work on dissertations and Master's theses in the following topical area of philology and linguistic didactics: “Lexical, Grammatical, Stylistic, Pragmatic, Gender, Comparative and Didactic Aspects of Foreign Languages and Translation”.

Members of academic staff and students work in the following sections of this area:

1. G.Kh. Demessinova Spatial prepositions in English and their equivalents in the Kazakh language
2. O.K. Zharmakin Imperative sentences in the Kazakh and German languages
3. R.A. Omarova Pragmalinguistic analysis of the press discourse in German newspapers
4. A.K. Kairbayeva Teaching effective strategies for independent reading to students majoring in linguistics
5. K.K. Karimova Transformation of linguocultural units in M.Auezov's epic novel “Abay Zholy” in direct and indirect translation
6. G.K. Kenzhetayeva Lexical and semantic field of verbs of seeing in the German and Kazakh languages
7. A.R. Dairova Correlation of semantic components and communicative-functional purpose of words. Gender opposition in evaluative nomination.
8. G.O. Azylbekova The semantic and pragmatic features of utilitarian evaluation (in German and Russian)
9. Yu.O. Gafiatulina Concepts of “man” and “woman” in proverbs of the English and Russian languages. Gender linguistics
10. Zh.E. Ordabayeva Pragmatics and semantics of the verb ‘to joke’/ ‘шутить’ in the English and Russian languages
11. S.M. Sagiyeva Anthroponyms in the English, Russian and Kazakh languages
12. S.R. Khudiyeva Management of students' independent work in the context of sustainable development of higher education
13. Yu.M. Goryachikh Organizational model of adviser (tutoring) support in higher education
14. V.V. Lyamzina Typology of linguo-computer assignments in modern textbooks in foreign language for higher education institutions
15. A.A. Madeyeva Personality development in the multilingual space of a higher education institution
16. N.V. Potseluyeva General and specific aspects of animalistic phraseology of unrelated languages
17. Ye.A. Vishenkova The image of Russia in foreign media
18. R.G. Dunenkulova Motivation in foreign language teaching. The history of foreign language teaching methods, new technologies in teaching foreign languages, specially-oriented methods of teaching foreign languages in the Kazakh language, Kazakh-Russian and Russian-Kazakh dictionary of methodological terms
19. K.S. Islyam Kazakh-Greek, Greek-Kazakh dictionary (paper, electronic)
20. R.E. Tabynbayev Psychological and educational support in teaching Chinese as an elective course in high education
21. Z.V. Klyushina Comparative and contrastive analysis of terminological collocations in the thematic field of “processing and transportation of oil” (in English, Russian and Kazakh)
22. G.Zh. Syuyendykova Ethnolinguistic and linguocultural aspects of phraseological units with the lexical unit "eye" (in Kazakh, Russian and English)
23. N.M. Morozova The language of music reviews in the Internet.
24. A.M. Akhmetbekova Lexicographic and metatext characteristics of terminological definitions.

The effectiveness of research activities is confirmed by successful defense of Candidate's dissertations, publication of study materials, reports at regional and international conferences of various levels, publication of research papers in scientific journals of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries.

Research work is included in individual plans of all academic staff members, plans and results are discussed at research seminars held by the Department.

Over the last 3 years, members of the Department published 13 research papers in scientific journals of Kazakhstan recommended by CCES of the RK and HAC of the CIS countries, as well as 4 scientific publications in English in journals abroad.

Students’ Research

The Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies has a student research club which organizes research activities carried out by students. It operates based on the Regulations on the Student Research Club of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies of the Faculty of Humanities and Education of S. Toraighyrov PSU.

The main goals and objectives of the student research club are as follows:

• involvement of students interested in scientific research;

• learning methods and techniques of scientific research;

• introducing students to the main trends in modern translation studies;

• formation of translation competence;

• active participation in regional and national competitions in foreign languages;

• active participation of Club's members in student conferences.

Working closely with the Department of International Cooperation, students majoring in 5B020700 Translation Studies have regular practice working as interpreters for lecturers from foreign universities.

The Department also holds an annual competition for the Best Translator title. The competition is held in the following categories: translation of literary texts, translation of informative texts, translation of poetry. Authors of best works receive certificates.

On March 28, 2014, the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Ye.A. Buketov Karaganda State University in cooperation with Chelyabinsk State University, Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University and Tomsk Polytechnic University held the International Competition of Research Papers among undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Pavlodar State University was represented by Asiya Kalmanova, a 4th-year undergraduate student.

The title of her research project is Key Specific Features of Medical Texts Translation in the Field of Surgery

Asiya won the main prize in the "Topical Problems of Translation Studies in the Context of Globalization" section.

Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department G.K. Kenzhetayeva supervises a research project performed under the Zhas Ghalym program. Title of the project is Electronic Dictionary of Abbreviations in Kazakh, Russian, English and German. The project is performed by the following students:

1. R. Kenbayeva, IF-402

2. A. Kanafina, АІ-301

3. M. Ramazanov, PD-302

4. D. Glebova, IF-402

5. A. Manabayeva, PD-302

6. D. Mombayeva, PD-302

7. A. Kaydarova, PD-302

8. K. Labik, PD-302

9. S. Useinova, PD-302

10. K. Merzhoyeva, PD-302